Electronics & Communication Engineering


Prof. Sunny Joseph

The Electronics and Communication Engineering department of this college conducts one of the most sought after programmes in the state offering quality training curriculum. This is among the first few technical institutes in Kerala to offer training in this highly sophisticated field of engineering. With an experienced faculty, the department is well established, with a separate block of its own and all modern lab facilities. The faculty includes trained tutors from various top institutes in the country such as IITs, IISc, etc.


Salient Features:

The curriculum includes subjects with wide application in today’s industry such as Digital signal processing, Bio medical engineering, Optical and microwave engineering, Radarengineering, etc. With the assistance of the training and placement cell of the college, the students of this department have secured almost cent percent placement in various companies around the world. Our alumni include engineers of high profile companies such as IBM, Wipro, Siemens, IBS, Nest, etc. Besides regular classes and lab sessions, the Electronics and Communication Association, which functions very actively in the college conducts seminars on emerging technologies regularly, thereby keeping in touch with the latest developments of the industry.

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