Electrical & Electronics Engineering


The Electrical and Electronics Engineering department is one of the best technical institutions in Kerala. The B.Tech Degree course has been designed in such a way as to provide excellent technical knowledge in the emerging areas of electrical and electronics engineering. It envisages to mould competent engineers capable of providing dynamic leadership in various walks of life and to cater the needs of R&D, industrial, business and community. The department is dedicated to achieve this by ensuring and maintaining high quality in over all planning, implementation and monitoring of all its activities. This department is proud to have an efficient faculty of experienced teachers with commendable academic records from reputed institutions.


Endeavor to Ensure Excellence



Mould technically competent and morally strong Engineers
Achieve dynamic leadership through quality Education
Cater the needs of industry and community through Emulation
Empower the students to serve the nation with Dedication


Salient Features:

The syllabus enables the students to acquire in-depth knowledge in current fields of electrical and electronics engineering. Considering the importance of computer in all fields of engineering, the students are given thorough exposure to both hardware and software environments .The final year students have elective subjects like DSP, Object Oriented Programming, Robotics etc. A fully functional IEEE students chapter keeps the students up to date by organizing seminars and providing a large number of journals and publications .The students are also send for plant training in prominent industries.

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