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The civil engineering department is spearheaded by a highly competent, dedicated, well qualified and experienced faculty. Full full-fledged labs

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supplemented with modern machines make this course useful for students aspiring to excel in civil engineering. Ever since its inception in 1961, the sincere efforts and dedication of the department faculty has earned it a reputation as one of the most sought after in the state.



To develop a department proficient in all aspects of civil engineering blending theory and practice


To impart the students the fundamentals  of civil engineering as well as the modern trends with due emphasis on the local conditions and traditional norms . This will be achieved by Enhancing know-how of staff Improvement of facilities Liaison with practice Upgrading of Curriculum A cordial staff student relationship

Salient features:

The department provides avenues for the student to qualify himself as a good civil engineer. Besides imparting classroom training, the department has the policy of arranging technical visits to give exposure to the practical field. The students are encouraged to do projects in industries to acquaint them with practical problems.

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