Grim, Untold story – by Sreeram Venkitesh


The grim mysterious past invades the protagonist’s reality. Fear called it the ‘haunted house’ and it has a story to say, one that the ordinary minds may not endure to listen to. Some have heard, some abscond, but the rest who saw haven’t returned. Will the protagonist fall prey to the leading trails or will he be able to dictate ‘their’ reality? Every second unveils a mystery and every other spawns new. It is beyond one’s luck to escape the grim that life may hold at a point.
It all begins with a familiar haunted house situation. But it is explored in ways which have never been done before.
The protagonist moves into a new house, rumored to be haunted. It was said that none has ever returned after having been there. The main character whose perspective is given for us to explore, finds an unusual mirror in the house. It showed him everything that had happened there in the past. A girl and her sister were chased by a mad man who tried to kill them. The girl tried to defend her young sister and gets herself killed. Slowly did the man realise that he was now in the world of the mirror and that anything that seems to happen in the mirror happen in his own world too. He sees a young girl run for shelter. He follows her and finds her hiding under a cot. It was then that the killer comes to the protagonist himself. The narrator then asks how is his story, leaving us at a loose end. The movie discovers itself in a way which makes us sit on our chairs, tightly gripped. The frequent transitions between the haunted house setup and the restaurant scenes leaves you with the urge of knowing what is going to happen next. The narration ends with a special touch, leaving much for the viewer’s imagination.

“Beware of the mirror”, said none and so the journey to ‘their’ reality begins. No one knows what fate awaits the protagonist or any others in the story. This unpredictability of the unseen and the terror it casts in the minds of the people makes it the supernatural.

Article by Sreeram Venkitesh (S2LB 2017 – 2021)

(A part of the crew behind the film is from mace movie club.)

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