Nationalism v/s emoluments: When placements call you? — Georgekutty Jacob

One of the ideas that triggered the freedom struggle of Indian independence was the ‘Drain theory’. India’ s grand old man Dadabhai Naoroji formulated the causes for India’s indigency, a country which was opulent in the medieval period. When it comes to the 21st century, we have yet another drain theory.


                The biggest threat to the world’s seventh largest economy (in terms of nominal GDP) is not poverty or corruption. She is losing her “best brains”, something considered most valuable of the gigantic population. There are a number of possible reasons for this trend. The most flagrant among them is India’s inability in creating new job opportunities. When globalization shrank the whole world into a tiny village, it is the duty of everyone of you to market yourself. In fact, it’s common to sell the vintage to the place of demand. For a country with the best demographic dividend and 123 crore people, human resource is the best yield to hawk.

However, a billion dreams are wrecked in this business. Consider the case of a mother who is left abandoned by her children, whom she has nurtured with her milk and blood. Is this the condition of India herself ? Many would like to negotiate with their obese motherland (as they feel) for “the star strangled banner”. Indians always find it great to say that their brothers and sisters are working abroad. Marxist theory gives payment more importance than to whom you are working for. India may be the country with largest foreign remittances,  making 4 % of our GDP. We always feel horripilation  when we say that Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai are Indians. It’s the time for everyone to think what would have happened if India was ready to give them the capital. What would have happened if our best mathematicians and doctors still resided in India? India is the country with power surplus and still with unlit places. She will continue  to be under the shade unless we are ready to prefer her instead of her foreign counterparts!

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