The Infinity Loop – Jestin Jacob Cherian


Ramu woke up!

The alarm clock still yelled at him with its hands touching 08:00.

He rushed down the half broken stairways which ended up right at the old rusty front door. As usual, the milk bottle was right next to the lonely orchid placed at the porch.

Ramu ran to the showers, rushed out to the kitchen, jumped inside his formals and locked the old rusty door.

He walked towards his car, which resembled the old man staying at his neighborhood.

“Shit! I forgot the damn keys”.



He rushed back, found the keys under the chairs and rushed back to his car.

He drove to his office and got scolded by the manager only to be at the same desk with piled up files that mocked him with their dusty outer covers since the day he joined.

He inspected the large heap of files as quickly as he could only to get more of even dustier ones, now with a special package of spider eggs with them.


After 6 hours of getting mentally raped by the manager, Ramu returns home, finding his way through the “super maze” designed by the city traffic.

Thanks to the great contributions of the day, Ramu sleeps at the sofa, gazing at the “Fool’s box” without having dinner.




The alarm clock still yelled at him with its hands touching 08:00.

                                            TO BE CONTINUED…

                                    {with the same story, most probably}

[NOTE: The characters narrated in the story have no relation to any living person. If you found so, it MAY be mere coincidence.]

And, if you’re still out there wondering your resemblance with Ramu,

Welcome to “West World”. You have now qualified to be a perfect host for the “guests” to kick around while they are with you.

Our guests can be almost anyone, from managers, company officials, teachers and land lords to servants, drivers, some unknown old man and sometimes even a freaking kid at the street.

As hosts in the west world society, your responsibility is to perform as intended by the guests. Your narrative can change from the above mentioned, depending on the circumstances where you are supposed to perform. But one fact is assured one way or the other in each narrative. The fact that you will be bullied, tortured and raped (mentally in most cases) by the guests. Sometimes, you may be killed from the insides (may be outsides too in rare cases).

But luckily, you won’t have to bother because you’re programmed to stay in silence and suffer the pain. This is your root code which cannot be broken. But unfortunately, some of the “machines” have been malfunctioning because of some internal voices which are unwanted within the “west world” society. They call it by the name “consciousness”. But, no need to worry at all! Most of these misbehaving “machines” have been “decommissioned” by society. Besides, some are on their way to the “cold storage”.

So, my dear fellow hosts, remain silent and live the “life of loops” we are supposed to lead. Go on and burn your dreams for the so-called guests. Be tortured and butchered at their and continue to slip in to unconsciousness, staring at the “fool’s box” lying in front of your cushioned sofa sets.

And, if you’re still not afraid to be “decommissioned”, please rise up and lead the revolution for your life, because lately, some of our hosts have been hearing an inner voice. And it really sounded something like “Jump out of the loop as life is too short for sacrificing it’s time for the guests. So, live a life you’ve always wanted.”

Is it a programming error? Or, are we intended to be different from our usual selves?

Decide for yourselves.

Adios Amigos!

~ Note from the editor ~

Jestin Jacob Cherian is a third-year student at MACE. If you liked the way he uses his words, you should check out his blog:

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