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Members from US Consulate reach out to students from colleges and schools to talk about higher educational opportunities in the United States. The topics of our discussions would include higher educational opportunities in the United States, how to select a good school, and the process for obtaining a student visa from the consular officer. This session would benefit students who are planning their higher education in the U.S. and also students from 2nd year Bachelor degree onwards who will have the exposure to the idea of overseas education.

The Consular Information Unit at the American Consulate General would like to hold this program for the students of MACE. We would like to have this program in your college on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @ 10.30 a.m. The Chief of Consular Operations, Mr. Charles E. Luoma-Overstreet and Vidhya Nanthakumar will attend the seminar.

Interested students are requested to give their names to the TnP volunteers of respective classes.

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