Webpage launch of TECHCON’17


Friends, country men.
Let’s skip Shakespearean intros for a moment and get to the content.
There were rumours. Then there were decorated messages. Then there were posters and people talking about the it.
The hubbub has begun, and at the centre of it, lies the event we’ve all been waiting for.
The curtain rises. The game, as Sherlock said, is afoot.

The spotlight shines on the grand launch of the astounding and breathtaking Webpage, and its little sibling, the Facebook page of TECHCON 17, today, 20/11/2016, Sunday.
Be there by 19:00 and behold the jaw-dropping creativity, across content that will soon become eye candy.
Mar Athanasius College of Engineering plays host to one of the biggest stages of the year. Stay with us for updates and challenges, with prizes on a regular basis.

So don’t forget to like, follow, and let the world breathe in the vibes of TECHCON 17.
The content goes live in a handful of hours! Stay tuned and stay lively, folks.

Witness the marvel we’ve shaped into a webpage : http://www.kscstetechfest2017.in/

We never do things by half. Perfection knows no half, and our other half is at http://www.ketcon2017.in/

Take a peek at the FB page : http://www.facebook.com/techcon17

Like all our pics on instagram : http://www.instagram.com/techcon_17
Hop on the TECHCON bandwagon – Don’t forget Tag all your friends, your related posts with the hashtag #techcon17.

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