3 National Awards for MACE

NSS Indira Gandhi National awards were announced for the year 2015-16.  Mar Athanasius College of Engineering (MACE),Kerala is bagging 3 of the most prestigious awards.

1- Best NSS Unit
2- Best Programme Officer (Dr. Jai M Paul)
3- Best Volunteer (Ms. Sariga P Anand, S7LB)

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The poster from NSS Kerala Technical Cell.

The NSS unit of the college is reported to be in one of it’s most active sessions ever.

The NSS Unit have done some commendable contributions to the society. Some of which are

    • Home for Homeless

The NSS Unit have raised money and was included in every step of building a home for a homeless colleague. Everyone in the team have been a good human as well as a good engineer, in it’s construction.

    • Sponsoring a Thattukada (a street shop on wheels)

The unit have funded and created a Thattukada, not just an ordinary Thattukada, but a solar one. The way of funding this initiative was also amazing. The project have been funded by the amount generated by selling the e-waste the unit have collected from the city.

    • Drinking water distribution in Vallarpadam

Vallarpadam is one among the group of islands, that form a part of Kochi, in the state of Kerala, India. It is situated in the Vembanad Lake, locally known as The Kochi Lake and has a population of over 10,000. The region suffers serious drinking water issues.

      • E-Waste Collection

The unit collected a total of 3195 kg of e-waste from Kothamangalam City.
Here’s the news coverage on the venture.

      • Blood Donation camps

Frequent blood donation camps are conducted by the NSS unit in association with Indian Medical Association. The members of the unit also participates in external blood donation drives.

There are just some of the major works done by the members of the Unit. There are many frequent social wellfare activities conducted by the NSS unit, like cleaning the Govt. Hospitals, cleaning KSRTC buses, beautifying MACE and NSS park, and so on.
Jai Sir and Jeevan Sir are always behind the team with constant support.

This is how the team did the dinner, for a state camp conducted at MACE.



They are an amazing team and deserves these awards.
On behalf of all MACE’ians we extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. You’ve made both the College and the State proud.
Team MACE POST also congratulates everyone who have worked hard to make this happen.


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