Union Election Results Announced!!

The elections for College Union 2016-17 were conducted on 8-9-16. K M Rijas Muhammad of S7 Mechanical was elected as Union Chairman and Leeshma Mathew of  S7 Electronics was elected as Vice ChairpersonFawaz V of S5 Civil was elected to the post of General Secretary. Rishi Prasad Sajeevan was elected as Arts Club Secretary. Amal Augustine Jose was elected as College Magazine Editor. Other posts are as follows:

Councillors to University Union

Sanath Hemanth S7R

Sreehari P

UG Representatives

1st Year : Jayakrishna Rajan Kurup

2nd Year : Muhammed Sahal T K

3rd Year : Muhammed Ajmal P.B

4th Year : Thanseem Nazar

Lady Representatives

Aarsha AS, S5R

Aswany B S, S7CB


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