Workshop on Brainwave Controlled Robotics


It is often said that the power of the human mind is largely untapped.

Now, how about if you can control robots and other devices with just the power of your mind!!

Sounds cool eh?

Mar Athanasius College of Engineering presents

Workshop on Brainwave Controlled Robotics.

Power user interface games and control robots and other devices through your electrical brainwaves only !!

And use your Brainwave Starter Kit to convert your thoughts into action !!

Power the world around with your thoughts !!
Date: September 20,21

Registration fee: Rs 1350

Each team should consist of 5 each.

To register online, go to

Spot registration available.
Now here’s why you should hop in!!

  •  Avail a certificate from IIT Kanpur!
  • Take away kit for future use!!
  • Comes of great use to Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science and Mechanical engineering students.

For more details contact

Athul Prasad : 8281176010

Jomish : 94 47 539027

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