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For past 4 seasons, TCS has had great fun in promoting the Programming-As-A-Sport culture. Hope you too had great fun participating in previous seasons of CodeVita. For Season 5 we have strengthened our commitment to the cause by launching a platform called Anyone Can Code (ACC). ACC is accessible through CampusCommune and provides round the clock facility to practice and solve programming problems. It is the perfect complement to CodeVita. While CodeVita is a programming competition, ACC is a practice infrastructure meant to improve coding skills. We encourage you to participate on ACC and come armed with solid preparations to compete in CodeVita Season 5.

Purpose of the Contest

The rate of adoption of technology is having huge impact on people’s lives. To be competitive and be able to adapt in the constantly changing digital world, it is prudent to speak the language of the computers. The language of Computers is – Code. Akin, to Maths, coding is expected to be a necessary skill across disciplines. However, exactly like Maths it has the ability to induce fear in many. TCS organizes CodeVita to overcome this fear and enjoy writing computer code. The main objective for the contest is to sharpen the contestants’ programming skills through some real-life computing practices. The contest will also


  • Help TCS Spot the bright students
  • Provide students an opportunity to showcase their programming talent and earn peer recognition and honour
  • Provide an opportunity to showcase offerings of TCS to the academic world


Structure of the Contest

CodeVita is a team contest. A team must have 2 members. The contest will comprise of several rounds of coding. To participate in CodeVita, one needs to register the team. Both members of the team will need to register individually. The registration portal will provide necessary workflows to form the team online. Only a valid team can participate in the contest.

Registration windows open up different times for different geographies. Refer your geography specific section for details on registration process.

To help contestants warm up for the contest, a practice round will be open to participants who have registered for the contest


  • Practice Rounds: – Participants must use practice rounds to familiarize themselves with CodeVita website UI and also ensure that their workstations have compatible software that they can use for coding in Codevita. This is an optional, but highly recommended round to participate in.
  • MockVita 1:- MockVita are equivalent in difficulty levels to CodeVita round 1. Quite likely MockVita will repeat questions asked in previous seasons of CodeVita. This is an optional, but highly recommended round to participate in.
  • MockVita 2: – Same as MockVita 1. If MockVita 1 is on a weekday, MockVita 2 will be on a weekend or vice-versa. This is an optional, but highly recommended round to participate in.
  • Round 1: The real CodeVita begins here. This is the first round of the contest. Top 300 or Top 5% of teams (whichever is higher) from the first round will move into this round.
  • Round 2: Top performers from Round 2 will have an opportunity to reach the Finale. The list of Finalists is compiled only after all regional rounds across the globe are completed.
  • Grand Finale: To be held in one of the TCSL offices in India. Top 3 teams will be declared as winners of the contest. Winners will receive exciting prizes, internship offers with CTO Team and provisional Offer Letters.


The event has entered its fifth season with more opportunities in the form of provisional offer letters, internship opportunities, additional weightage at the time of TCS hiring  apart from some amazing gifts for the students.
To give a snapshot on what Codevita offers, here are some;
1) The winner of Codevita gets a cash reward of 10000 USD(6.5 lakhs) runner up gets 7000 USD(4.5 lakhs) and second runner up 4000 USD.
2) Internship opportunities for third year students/ provisional offer letters for 3000 students
3) The contest is applicable to all branches/ any number of teams can apply for the  contest from a college.
4) Participation is in Teams (Teams can be inter-disciplinary) and each team shall  comprise of  2 ( Team lead and a team member)
5) The contest is open for 2017 and 2018 Year of Pass-out batches.
6) Students with any number of backlogs can sit for the contest.
7) Contest is open for BSC,BCA, MCA also apart from engineering students.
Click here to download the registration guide : Registration with Next Step TCS Portal for Off
For more details :


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