TCS TESTImony 2016!

In a pursuit to bring out the best from students and institutes in this growing field, TCS Talent Acquisition Team, (TAG) in association with Assurance Services Unit (ASU) introduced TESTimony– a TCS Software Assurance Contest across TCS accredited institutes in India.

Participation and Eligibility Guidelines

  • Any number of teams can register for the contest with participants above 18 years of age and from the batches of 2016 and 2017.
  •  A team shall comprise of two members who are from the same college/institute. The team members should have a valid CT Reference Number, and a member can only be a part of one team.
  • Students should register online on TCSL’s Next Step portal- A Campus Trainee (CT)/ Direct Trainee (DT) Reference Number is mandatory for participating in the contest.
  • Each team should choose a name and leader. When registering the team online, the leader will have   to nominate the team member.
  • All communication with respect to the contest will be provided to the teams through the team leaders, who are responsible to update their teams about the same.
  • The team can be from the same discipline or multiple disciplinary.
  • Team members are required to remain constant throughout the contest. Movement within teams is not permitted and doing so will lead to disqualification from the contest.
  • The infrastructure/software/s required for testing shall be borne by the team or the institution they represent.
  • TCS will not be liable for any damage to the infrastructure of the institute which may be  caused by participants from the institute during the contest.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Online search engines may be used for reference, but copying directly from the internet is forbidden.
  • All contestants must have access to the Internet, a valid postal address, and a valid email address in order to enter the contest.

Contest Structure

The contest will comprise of three rounds of software testing.

Round 1:

This will be an online quiz. The top 300 teams that submit the correct answers within the shortest possible time along with other evaluation parameters will move on to the next round. The discretion of the TESTimony evaluation team and their adjudication of winners will be binding on all participants.

Round 2:

Teams selected from Round 1 will undergo two tests in this round.

  • Section1 – Objective type, multiple choice questions on software testing and tools with higher   difficulty level.
  • Section2 – Subjective type multiple Choice Questions using Selenium / Jmeter / Appium mobile testing tools.

Section 2 questions will require more practical knowledge on the syllabus provided, which will judge the programming and testing skills of the participants. For e.g. interpreting outputs from a given piece of code or detecting errors in a script.

The top 10 teams that present the correct answers in both the sections will qualify for the finale.

Round 3:

The grand Finale will be held at a TCS Campus. The 3 hour round will include the following:

A case study based on the tools Selenium, Jmeter and Appium mobile testing .

Teams will be adjudged on:

  1. Accuracy : How close a solution is to a given problem statement
  2. Speed      : Time taken to solve the maximum number of problems i.e. Speed
  3. Efficiency : How much resources does the solution consume i.e. Efficiency
  4. Communication

The teams will need to submit three major deliverables :

  1. Bug report
  2. Test report
  3. PowerPoint presentation

The participants are to thoroughly research and learn well in advance how to file bugs and prepare straightforward reports.The team will have to provide the content in a report that is a format of their own. It should clearly outline how the team decided what to test and how the time was allotted/ utilized. The team that scores the maximum on the parameters mentioned above will be adjudged as the winner of TESTIMONY.

Note: Penalties will also be imposed for incorrect submissions. For e.g., a team would be penalized for additional time taken to solve the problem or deliver the reports/presentation. Weightages will be assigned according to the severity of the test cases, and judged accordingly.

for more details:

With just 05 days left for registration closure, its time for all students registered in Campus Commune to reap the benefits of TESTimony that provides all third year and final year students an opportunity to grab an internship(both for third year and final year) and direct entry to TCS selection process(for final year)  along  with some amazing gifts.

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