OurMUN Kochi

OurMUN is an initiative completely built up by High Schoolers from schools like Bhavans and Choice , under the leadership of Shuaib Harris ( Choice School,Kochi) ,with an interest in building up the MUN culture in Kochi, because God’s own country deserves a MUNning circuit of it’s own. Come, be a part of the first step towards achieving the dream.

Delegate Registration Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/134lkvrL6kAW3haH4raTvBlDw2sGTp3Q_KtLO3C-wugs/alreadyresponded?c=0&w=1

International Press Corps (IPC) Registration Link:


Venue : IMA Hall ,Kochi
Registration Fees : 1500
Dates : 16th and 17th May
Committees : UNGA – Disec and UNSC


1.  Nuclear demilitarization
2. Combating the Threat of ISIS.

UNSC : Threats posed by religious terrorism in the middle east.

Study Guide(s) link  : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2rE0byMJMeCMXBPdzZITFEyTHc

For more updates on this event , follow https://www.facebook.com/ourmun

For Beginners : MUN is a foreword to the actual UN. This academic simulation of the UN is a platform where participants ,allotted with a country to represent, intensely research on their Country’s position on a specific agenda in limelight , and step into the shoes of diplomats (or delegates) and put forth their ideas and voice their opinion on behalf of their country. It’s an amalgam of activities like PUBLIC SPEAKING, DEBATING, GROUP DISCUSSIONS, POLICY ANALYSIS, NOTE MAKING, NEGOTIATION, and CONVINCING other delegates and getting to the bottom of a crisis with NEW SOLUTIONS and drafting of RESOLUTIONS. The phenomenal and thought provoking happenings in a particular MUN committee can be described as the delegates’ take on world peace.It is here where your irresistible urge to speak up and to stand by your ideals and the adrenaline drive to openly judge others’ conviction meet diplomacy and a Formal code of conduct of the UN proceedings

For a better insight, checkout the MACE MUN link.

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