Onam is the most hectic time of the year for movie releases and “Dharavi”, a short film by a fellow Maceian is no exception. Just a few hours before it’s release, budding director Devadath Shaji Parakattu opens up about his latest short film venture.

1. What is the movie all about?

The move revolves around the concept of friends and how they deal with day to day issues and the comical situations they come across in their campus and as always we focus on a group of trouble-makers (Nirmal, Paulson, Rishi  and Able) who embark on an adventure of learning and self realisation as the movie progresses. In the end it’s all about friendship and how much we value it in our lives.

2. How were you able to manage your crew of mostly amateurs?

Managing a short film of this scale is no joke and it was in reality a really tough job. Shooting was delayed for several days during the final stage due to financial and  other limitations. My crew, including myself, consisted of only amateurs, and I am proud to say that we still managed to complete ‘Dharavi’ within the technical and financial limitations .

3. Did your friends help you out?

Making a short film requires a combined effort  and I couldn’t  thank my friends enough for all the support they’ve given me during the shooting of ‘Dharavi’.  I wanted students from every branch and year to get involved in this project . Our cameraman was a fourth year student and the actors were all third years. I think this goes on to show that it doesn’t matter which year or branch you are , there’s always strength in unity and anything can be accomplished with this belief . Each and everyone supported me a lot.

4. Does the movie stand out from all the other movies of the same theme?

I don’t think so. The movie is not so different from any other college themed short films but at the same time moulded to  requirements of our students . The  movie makes sure that any Maceian or any college student for that matter will be able to relate to the characters in their own way. I have never resorted to plagiarism and I never will.

5. And finally, what qualities have you acquired during the project?

Belief in oneself and support from friends is the first thing required to achieve what we desire. Then comes hardwork. There should be no compromises regarding the technical aspect, due to which I had faced a lot of problems. It would be great if the plot is discussed with some senior artists before commencing the project.


Watch “DHARAVI MALAYALAM SHORT FILM (ധാരാവി) 2015” on YouTube – https://youtu.be/9QPl1fPHd7Y

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