ASURA : The Tale of the Vanquished!

Oh my hero!!

Have you heard about a book named ‘ ASURA ‘?  It’s written by a guy from our place; Anand Neelakantan. This is one of the very few times my “Anti-Gandhi and Pro-Revolutionary” dad suggested me to read a book, and, since I have inherited many of his bizarre tastes, and was on the search for a good book to read and Amazon offered it for a reasonable price I found myself reading “ ASURA: The Tale of the Vanquished ”. Trust me guys, this is not an ‘only-for-senior-citizens’ kind of epic book.

Falling in love with the Villain (like Mangalasseri Neelakandan of Devasuram); that’s precisely what happened to me!

Ravana, the ten-headed demon King! One with a soft and kind, but strong heart (and muscles & body probably six pack!); a leader who built an empire on his own, a man who stood for his people, a man who respected women and the one who crossed all his limits to protect his daughter. Come on guys, I don’t think such a person needs to be vilified for thousands of years.

This is what a 19 year old with a huge crush on the Anti-Hero has to say. Read yourselves and find out what the vanquisher’s version of Ramayana, “RAVANAYANA”, is with an open mind (If you liked Sirius Black the most in Harry Potter, you will love this).

Ever thought about these?

  • If Rama is the so-called “Best man on Earth”, is leaving his pregnant wife because of some repugnant orthodox reason right?
  • Killing your own brother who was devoted to you life-long; can that be justified?
  • Ravana never hurt Sita. Sita was a safe prisoner in Lanka (I wasn’t talking about Indian Government).



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