India’s Black Day: RIP Dr. Abdul Kalam

  • Anna S 20150727_212318

    “My message to the young people is to have the courage to think differently, courage to travel unexplored path,courage to discover the impossible and to conquer problems and succeed”

    -Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

    India’s 11th President,the Missile Man Of India is with us no more. He was 83.

    He collapsed while delivering a lecture at IIM, Shillong and was rushed to the Bethany Hospital there, but unfornutately could not be saved.

    Known as the ‘Missile Man’ of India, he was instrumental in the civilian space programmes and the military missile development projects of the country. He has worked as a scientist and science administrator at the DRDO and ISRO,and played a pivotal role in the India Pokhran Nuclear Test in 1998.

    A great man and a visionary indeed, his rise from the simple backgrounds of Rameshwaram to being one of the most beloved and respected Presidents that the country has ever witnessed is an inspiration to millions and millions.

    The void that he has left is one that can never be filled. Thank you sir, for teaching us the importance of dreaming. You’ll live till eternity as the man who taught us that sky is the limit.

    Rest in Peace, sir.

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