#Irony of life

There was a time, when all

The happenings got a place in my diary

And I got mad when someone looked at it

Now as everything’s updated online

I wait and stalks how many saw them

That’s the #irony of life


Now as the castles we build, gets taller,

More short tempered we become

Wider the freeways, narrower our viewpoints

And the more we expertise in our life

More troubles we get into, each day.


We did split up the atoms, but not our prejudice

And joined them, but not our relations

We learned to live fast, but not to wait

To plan more but not to accomplish

Building more fancy luxurious houses, breaking homes


We have pills to keep us awake, make us sleep,and even to kill

But didn’t learn how `l’llness can turn to `WE’llness

Life becomes faster, everything has become instant

Without complaints we work on both the shifts

and even overtime, But can’t find time with the children


We try to make a living, but never to live it

Stepped on moon and returned several times

But couldn’t meet the new neighbor down the street

Each day we do larger things, forgetting the better ones

Adding years to life, not life to years

#Irony of life


Harsha Philips


One thought on “#Irony of life

  1. The irony in iron is nothing destroys it better than its own rust; so is the man that lacks trust to iron out the wrinkles of life…

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