Premam: Worth every penny!


Not every movie provides you with non stop ‘paisa wasool’ entertainment and at the same time warms your heart and melts it a little too, atleast not in the recent times. But ‘Premam’ does just that.This movie is entertainment delivered at its best and definitely one of the best romantic comedies released in the past five years or so.
Premam follows George (the protagonist ) through his romantic journey, and deals with the three women that walk into his life at various stages -Mary ( Anupama) the local beauty queen, his college lecturer Malar ( Sai Pallavi) and Celine (Madonna Sebastian).

It is an ode to the very feeling of romance -the joys,the heartaches, the ecstacy of being in love and the pain of letting it all go and the strength to move on. And it’s a celebration of being young,of friendship and the good old 90’s and the early 2000’s-the times of cycles,love letters,telephone booths and landline calls.

There is no major twist or breakthrough in the film and it sails along smoothly like a boat in a calm ocean. But what makes such an ordinary film so extra ordinary is the difference in the way of presentation and Alphonse Puthren deserves all the plaudits that are heaped upon him. He has put an ordinary storyline in the most interesting way possible.

Then comes the casting. Everybody gets under the skins of their characters beautifully. All the three heroines nail their roles to perfection, but Sai Pallavi is the clear winner. Vinay Forrt excels in his role as the hopeless college lecturer. Shabareesh Verma, the debutant hasplayed his role with immense confidence, and so has Krishna Shankar of the ‘Neram’ fame.

The highlight of the film is the brilliant cinematography. Anand C Chandran handles the cinematography wonderfully, and every shot is just beautiful, so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off the screen. The visuals are simply arresting and are a major contributing factor to the success of the film.
Praises must also go to the music score by Rajesh Murugesan that adds to the charm of the film. The songs are fresh and catchy and make you want to listen to them over and over again.

But the anchor of the ship is Nivin Pauly. He has come up with his best performance to date and pretty much steals the show. He deserves all the praises that are being heaped upon him.

So, if you haven’t watched it, go grab a ticket, cos this one isn’t to be missed!

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