Confessions Of A First Year MACE-ian

One year. One year since an epic 14-year-long journey dawned to an end. One year since the entrance exam frenzy. And most importantly, one year since a completely different phase of life took its turn in my life. Wow.

I still find it hard to believe that one year passed by so quickly. Quite a rollercoaster ride, this one has been. So, here goes.

So, yeah, I’ll be frank. Like everybody else of my age, I too spent a long time contemplating on the perfect college life. And, alas, all those college movies and television series (damn them! :P) had left me with the impression that college close to Utopia. And THUD, there came the fall from seventh heaven to the harsh reality. In the first one month, college turned out to be nothing more than boring hours of monotonous droning, records, assignments and all that BS we thought we were done with. The proverb ‘distance makes the heart to grow fonder’ seemed to make so much more sense to me, and school suddenly seemed like a true paradise that I seemed to have just not got enough of. And then, the sorrow sharing sessions about all those colleges that we could have chosen, but didn’t, made worse by school friends ( little rascals 😛 ) calling in to talk about how amazing and fun-filled their colleges were. To sum up, MACE seemed like the most stupid decision I made in my life.

Then, the college seemed to be changing. Everybody was buzzing with excitement for the event of the year – ‘Takshak’. This filled us all with quite a lot of excitement, and the event more than lived up to our expectations. Those were definitely two amazing days, and at that point, we all fell in love with the college. Even after the two days, when the college went back to its boring self, it somehow didn’t seem to be as hateful as before.

And then whoosh! November was here and the first series examination fever took its toll on all of us. First exam in college , so all of us were determined to ace it. There was suddenly a lot of serious studying. At that point, everybody had proper up-to-date notes for every subject and everything (Point to be noted- because by the model exams, most of us didn’t even know where our notebooks WERE even !). And when we got our marks, most of us were left gaping, the 40-class average rule had screwed us, just like our seniors had predicted. Of course, the ‘next-time-I-swear-I’ll-study’ and ‘I’m-gonna-be-a-regular-student-from-today-onwards’ promises were in plenty. However, the eye-opening period lasted hardly a week! 😛

The post-series depression wore off rather quickly, with the prospect of the nearing winter vacations. That period of time went by quite quickly and we were back home in no time. And then, as all good things have to end, the holiday bliss was over and we were back in college. Then came the second series in February, and all the ‘next-time-I’ll-study’ promises were down in the drain. The results of the second series were worse, only, this time, there were fewer ‘next-time-I’ll-study’ promises.

When we had got resigned to the fact that there was nothing interesting in college, came the election times. That was one awesome phase, and all of us who were disappointed with the absence of politics in college suddenly found lots of it as we watched the candidates fight it out! The union day was fun too, with ‘exciting’ and ‘informative’ events, I’ll refrain from commenting more on the topic 😛

And then, there was the MACE MUN, where we had an amazing time as well. Not having much to talk on the topic 😛 , we were busy passing ‘diplomatic notes’ ( in other words, chit-chatting :P) The cultural night will always remain a wonderful memory 

March 19, 20, 21 – the three days we were all looking forward to. The biggest event in college, and the one thing that we had been hearing about and desperately waiting for since the first day we stepped in college- SANSKRITI! The fun we had during those three days is limitless. Shouting out and cheering for our college in the open-air-theatre, we were suddenly filled with a rush of affection for it. The dancing, screaming and of course, the selfie sessions will always remain the most beautiful memory of first year.

Time flew past us, and university exams were here. Studying for them in the hostel was another memorable part of college life. The combined study sessions, with biscuits and coffees, the occasional messing with each other, consoling each other were all a completely different experience for a first-time long-term hosteller like me.

How can I even talk about college without mentioning what’s easily the best part of it – my hostel! Choosing to stay at Anna’s hostel is probably the best decision I made this year. And I say it with pride, because these girls are the best friends and hostelmates that one can possibly ask for. I had the time of my life with them. The infinite laughing sessions, the occasional sorrow-sharing sessions ,the instagram and facebook stalking sessions, all the maggi-making and bread toasting, the birthday celebrations (in other words – making the person concerned wish they were never born :P), the prank calls, the selfie sessions, getting screwed by the warden and laughing about it later, the list just goes on and on!

That’s pretty much it. I do agree that there are a lot of better colleges that are probably more fun, but the friends I made here and all those beautiful moments will always remain special. So maybe, MACE wasn’t a mistake, after all 

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