Just The Way You Are…

I don’t remember why I had been sad that day. I found myself weeping and found it difficult to sleep. Solitude opened up the various emotions covered up inside. The feeling of loneliness gripped me and I found myself sweating.

I opened the window. Cool breeze swept slowly to the room. Darkness had veiled the nature-it was a New Moon Day. It was then that I had my first glimpse on you. I didn’t know why my heart leaped and an unimaginable happiness came rushing. You were beautiful and you kept smiling at me. It…kind of mollified me…my heart seemed to content. Your brightness spread joy, it was something special, I felt like I knew you in the past.

Then a thought gripped me. Past…past…Oh! It’s wonderful. I am seeing your past. Your smile is the result of an activity in the past. You are  ancient and yet you are splendid. It’s hard to believe that you are not actually like the way I see you. I know there are turmoils inside you…a wide range of movements, explosions, collisions and fiery blazes leaping out with terrible cries and torrents of rays, electrons and other horrible things. You expel the things you don’t want and you remain content, the way you are.

From then on I started watching you all night. You winked at me and made me smile. I began fearing the clouds that might keep you away from my sight. It was easy to detect you from my window. But when I searched for you, standing on the terrace, it was hard to detect you…for you had so many friends…so many that I couldn’t count. Staring at you sometimes made me blind, but still I like you the way you are.

You are not just A star for me, you are THE star for me and  I love you “just the way you are”.

– Taniya John

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