Entry to college life


Leaving behind those days

That gave me very few memories

Between the waking up at the first of sun rays

And the longest ding dong on the grandpa clock.


Calenders, scribbled all around with red and blue,

Reminders for each day due.

Dates and days never remembered,

Holidays became the busiest working day,

Saturday eve, no more a part of weekend.


No more music, no more games nor poems,

They called it the “turning point of Life”

Exclusively for exams and studies.

Sick leave applications most unwelcomed,

100% attendance became a must.


The bulky bio text gulped my garden time,

The feary physics, all my sky seeking,

The solutions of maths made me forget my problems,

The reactions of chemistry made me vigorous.


Now I enter into a new phase

What I want is to break those chains,

to say “cheese” at everything that freeze,

follow my passions, chase my dreams,

add some fun with freedom and friends…

– Harsha Philips

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