Mind and beauty have an immense correlation with each other. A person with a high aesthetic sense never fails to find at least a little beauty in everything he/she confronts. Similarly, being ugly is in fact a state of mind. Hatred, depression, desires, disappointments, etc… are factors that invoke a sense of feeling of ugliness in mind. Some preexisting notions also play a role in determining ugliness and beauty.

A very interesting point is that LOVE is a supernatural power that can turn even the most dull things beautiful. We often say that God is love. The world has a different perception level. It is often blamed for being materialistic. External beauty is what one comprehends first. But it is only temporary. A little change of fate can easily destroy it.

“Understanding”, which is another facet of love, never fails to extract the inner beauty, which is actually permanent. It is something that has to be ‘discovered’. Inner beauty is ‘inside’…it often calls for our attention. It whispers from the chasms of our heart…waiting to be discovered…yearning for revelation. An enthusiast confront it automatically and some others through somebody’s help. Such a discovery exalts one’s state of mind and heart; such a mind is always happy. “Be happy; that’s the best way of being wise.”

– Taniya John, S1&2

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