By, Safa Saifudeen, CSE, 2012-16

From her blog,

Word count: 837
Dedication: To someone who means the world to me. About someone who means the world to him. (I love you guys) *hugs* *squishes* *It’s so fluffy I’m going to die*



It had been a while since I last met him. At least seven years. And so much had changed.


We were around 12 the last time we had seen each other, he was a scrawny, pale little boy, I wasn’t all that big either. Then he left and there was an email about the new Harry Potter movie, one about dragons, but that was it. Nothing more.


He’s grown so different, so much taller (I’m stuck at maybe 10 centimeters taller since I was 12) and it leaves me wondering if this is the guy I came to meet as we walked towards each other. Then he smiled and said my name, and he was the same boy I knew.



She joined us for lunch.


She was everything he’d described her as being, sweet, smart, funny, adorable. All those times we’d texted, he’d always had an endless amount of things to say about her and now that I had met her, I began to understand why.


I’m awkward with couples, I really am. When they get all sweet and lovey-dovey I’m thinking ‘ew’.


These two, however, were… I can’t really describe it. I noticed those secret looks they shared over the menu cards, the way their hands brushed each other accidentally-on-purpose. Somehow I was content just watching them, maybe because they had this infectious sort of happiness about them. The kind of happiness you wish you had.


The way he smiled at her, the way her smile got a little brighter when she caught his eye, the way his eyes betrayed just how deeply he felt about her, the way she smiled and her face flushed delicately each time she caught him watching.


I’m a skeptic. I don’t particularly believe in anything, religion, God or even love. Hell, if I’m willing to admit that it felt like these two were meant to be, then these two better be handcuffed together for the rest of eternity. And as I thought that, I didn’t get that snide voice in my head going, ‘Or at least until they get tired of each other.’ so I guess that means something.


She had to leave soon after and him and I took a bus to the airport. I listened to him talk about life, college, exams and her.


‘Your life really does revolve around her doesn’t it?’ I ask, amused. Well no, I guess I was amazed.


He laughed and changed the topic, quite skillfully, I might add.


It’s his eyes that give it away, them shining like they do at the mere thought of her. The message couldn’t get any clearer, just how in love they were.


I spent the rest of the ride in a bit of a daze. I’ve loved, I fall into each new experience with a passion like nothing I’ve ever seen before.


This was something I’d never seen, never experienced. The way it felt so right to see them together. Almost as though all that bull in the movies about having a soul mate was really true.


I’d been terribly excited to meet her, after all that I had heard. It was even more special to meet her in person, to hear both their versions of the story of how it all began, on a day everyone claimed was lucky. I think, at that particular ‘lucky moment’ no one on earth could have been luckier.


They say each person has a calling. Some people find it, some don’t. It’s supposed to be something that sweeps you off your feet, something that makes your life worthwhile.


Maybe it’s not just a vocation or a hobby. Maybe you find your calling in love. Maybe love is what makes the world go round and not gravity, maybe ‘to love’ is what some people are meant to do, everything else is secondary.


Sometimes in life you find your calling. Sometimes you don’t. When you do, it blows you away, it messes with your head and you’re left feeling vulnerable and just a little scared, I mean how could something, someone, mean so much to you? Is it even humanely possible to care just as much as you do about this person?


Sometimes it’s terrifying but deep inside you know it’s okay. It’s you against the world and nothing else matters just as long as you know you will see the reason for your happiness right beside you when you need them the most.


That’s love I suppose, I think as we stepped out of the bus at the airport.


“It was really nice to see you again.”


He smiles and we walk towards the departures gate. His phone rings and he takes it out. Judging by his expression and that smile that crept into his eyes, I’d say it was her.


“She’s asking whether we’ve reached.”


Just a simple text and here he is, a goofy smile stretched across his face.


I can’t help but laugh, “You’ve fallen so hard.”


He grinned, “Yeah, I guess I have.”

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