Confessions of a Facebook User

Dear Mr Right

I, owing to the fact that am not living under a cave am an active facebook user. But I find it very disturbing to see thou mighty selves picking on us lot as though spending time on facebook is akin to …..well whatever you compare it to.So I just want to clarify some ( a lot of) things about this.

Now where do I start? Well I guess I’ll go with my favoured method- taking a random pick. So helping mentality it is. I do think facebook affects our helping mentality in a positive way. We do a lot of charity work by liking sick childrens’ pics , sharing them etc.. I am pretty sure they are getting the said money. Oh and don’t start about us not spending enough time outside . Here we see young kids spending their time farming. They do the weeding, planting, fertilizing and reaping all by themselves. What if its on Farmville, we are getting to know nature and stuff aren’t we? chill. And its not true that we celebrate silly things. I mean if I get 1000+ likes for my profile pic, then no matter how many million friends I have, I ought to get carried around in a procession preferably with garlands around my neck and with banners and all. Whats wrong with that? That said I do believe that there is a special place in hell for people who beg to like their profile pics and those who tag a 1000 friends on the same. “ Thou shall burn in hell for thy sins on facebook”-yours, satan   🙂

And above all it helps a lot to improve our skill in the art of flirting which nowadays is up there with driving ,swimming & cycling in the list of ‘Most Essential Life Skills’ . Last but not least (man I hate using this but it sure does have a nice ring to it) ,it is an absolutely wrong notion that we are becoming less committed towards our society and country. We discuss and debate national issues such as the reason why SRK hugged Salman Khan, will we see a hit film from Mammookka this century, the Fahad-Nazriya wedding ( Naz akkanichathu valya chathiyayipoyi.:( onnumillenkilum avanekkalum mudiyille enikku?) etc. As socially responsible citizens how can we not ponder over these matters???

All jokes, sarcasm vagera vagera apart when I put down all the  prejudices and  judgementalism  and really think about it I wonder , what I feel when the wind brushes my hair while travelling at speeds upwards of 100kmph on a bike, the pleasure in doing a perfect downshift during corner entry , that feeling of entering a portal to another world when starting to read a book….are all those feelings transitive? I think not  coz I sure as hell can’t fathom the reason why anyone in their right minds would ride a roller coaster or even the Space Gun or the Monster Flip in Wonderla for that matter. (Crazy how my mind works. Can risk lives on road but cannot stand a ‘safe’ adrenaline rush!). Wait a sec..HOW DID IT END UP HERE??man…! Back to our topic. See the point I want to make is that at the end of it all, all that matters are one’s  priorities. How we want to spec our lives. Facebook , stunting , reading..whatever  it maybe, if that’s ours, then no one else has got a say in it.


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 P.S: ethinte titilum ethil ezhuthiyekkunna karyangalum thammil oru bandhavumillathathu thikachum yadhrishikam mathram.










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