Draw an Idea Contest


Electrical Association, MACE presents, Draw an Idea contest.

Remember the curiosities you had as a kid? Every “how does that work?” questions you once asked as then have been answered by time. Now its your turn to tell kids how things really work.

Design a toy that describes a scientific principle in an attractive way. Make it simple. Make it cool.
Drop your ideas in the boxes present in front of Central Library and Oottupura before 12 pm,31st March, 2014, .

Only hand drawings and descriptions of the design are required. You do not have to make a model of your design. One person can submit up to three ideas. Please do not use pencils for drawings. All pages of your design should be properly pinned together. Don’t forget to attach your name, class and contact details.

Cash prizes are awarded for the top three designs.
1st Prize : Rs 1024
2nd Prize : Rs 512
3rd Prize : Rs 256

For more details, contact:
Madhu P M : 8547091376
Safwan K : 9605560046

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