Penning it Pellucid- College Magazine Article

Penning it Pellucid- Published in College Magazine 2011-12

by, Sanjay Ninan George (former College Union Chairman, 2013 batch)

Well. Now how do I start. Small trouble with it here you see. Cos the last thing I wanted to do back in my school days was write an article for the magazine. I was a part of the group that just enjoyed going through the pages with pictures only. Checking to see if your photo was somewhere in there. In a nutshell, I never liked writing articles for magazines. And now you might think, “So what’s changed your mind?”. Well . Simple. The articles in school were the serious ones. The ones high on philosophy and philosophy really aint my cup of Sharjah Shake you see(Yes! Poor jokes are exactly my cup of tea :P). And here in college, when I saw the articles, I saw an opportunity to open up in my own way. Oh I remembered something now. I do have an association with ‘articles in magazine’. I was in my first grade and my granddad helped me publish a story about “A man who repaired umbrellas”. I have to be honest, I never read it. Everything was done by him.

It’s been almost two years since I came to MACE and honestly, it really hasn’t lived upto my expectations. I came to college loving it, mainly because I had so many relatives who studied here. My own brother, my uncle, three of my first cousins, and one of the first cousins wife, in my immediate family, plus many family friends. We could actually have an alumni meeting at our house, and call it a success. So back to the “not living upto expectations” part. I came here after hearing a lot of stories from the college days of my relatives. And I thought, ’Man it’s gonna be a lotta fun’. Well I wouldn’t say I was completely mistaken, but I must admit, the expectation was a bit too exaggerated. Maybe it’s my excessive attachment to the school I studied in, that gives me this feeling. Anyways, I’m happy our college is not like those private colleges where you have to wear UNIFORMS for God ’s sake. I just love the look on the faces of my friends from those colleges when I tell them about bunking classes. They look at you like you just committed adultery. I do brag about it to them just to get that look you know.

Now, one of the groups that really has taken some big strides forward has been the Music Club. Started because of the passion of some amazing musicians of our college, under the supervision of Thomas sir, the MC really has been one of the groups MACE ians can be proud of. With three of my really good friends Emil, Jithin and Sandeep associated very closely with the club, I really know how much effort the whole team has put in to reach a level that is usually very hard for a newly formed group to achieve. My personal favorite performance by the MC was on the first day of Sanskriti. I’ll be honest. I had my own reservations about how good the program was going to be. I thought, ”how can a bunch of students, without any sort of professional training hold a program of a certain standard.” I must say that all those doubts were hit for a six. It would really be unfair to point out a single performance from the whole show, as most of them were amazing. But, it’s my article, so I decide what is fair and unfair. For me the best performance came from a final year who has the most tongue twisting name in the whole college. Ambareesh Tayem-something something Vaykey-something something I think. Still can’t figure out how the name is actually pronounced. I’m sure all those who pronounce his name right would be really good at JAM. The ‘Chekkela’ by Avial that he sang made the whole college Chekkela crazy. Wherever you turned, you could see people with the song on their lips, like it had all of a sudden become the anthem of MACE.

Yet another group, I feel, we should all be proud of is the Third years. Or the fourth years by the time the magazine is published(my sincerest apologies to the whole of the Magazine Committee). I was lucky enough to have had the chance of working as an integral part of Team Sanskriti. The unity that I saw in the whole batch actually made me jealous. The amount of effort they put in to make Sanskriti a success is going to be really hard for our batch to reciprocate next year, when we are to organise it. (I pray that I am wrong). I’m sure a lot of them have had quite a lot of sleepless nights. The tension was evident on their faces, but the satisfaction once the event was over, completely over rid the former. Of course, it wasn’t just the third years, but also the College Union, that played a huge role. A special THANKS to everyone who made Sanskriti a success. Again you might ask, “Who is this guy? He sounds like he co-ordinated the whole event”. Well, that’s when I ask you again, “Who’s article are you reading?”[:P]

Speaking about Sanskriti, I must say that the whole journey wasn’t really a walk in the park. I really wish there was more support from the college authorities. I’m not saying they did not support at all. I’m just saying it wasn’t sufficient. The teachers really haven’t seen the actual tensions the organising students have to go through. All that they had to do was overlook the preparations on the final few days. Well maybe a bit more.

And now. A HUGE confession to make. Everything that you read till now was written in my second year. So a couple of clarifications. The show by the MC that I had mentioned happened during Sanskriti 2011, and the guy with the crazy name was in his final year then. And you would obviously have realized the fact that the ‘fear’ that I mentioned a couple of paras back actually turned into reality. I’d rather not write more on it[:|]. And the 3rd years in it are my immediate seniors.

So scrap second year. It was SCARY. You almost pee your pants just before you pick the experiment for your Electrical Technology(ET) Lab exam(4th sem). You need to be Edison to understand the simplest of circuits. Oh and don’t even talk about SM Lab in the 3rd. In one of these labs, you have teachers sitting with a manual titled “How to punish students for un-effin-believably silly reasons”. Come on. When you’re asked to redraw diagrams that you actually take a whole semester to draw, just because your border lines don’t meet, you become ”Doubting Thomases”. You doubt why you even took up engineering (or why they actually took up teaching). Passing 3 & 4 without supplis means you’re almost an engineer. Maybe it’s time I jumped into 3rd year.

If you really wanna enjoy college, you need to be a Mechanical Engineering student in 5th semester. Sorry juniors. Since the syllabus has changed, I don’t think you’re quite lucky. Almost all our time in hostel in 2nd year was filled with record works and drawing sheets. Whereas in 3rd, the D drive in our laptop rarely gave us free time. WHY THE HELL ARE WE TALKING ACADEMICS???

TAKSHAK 11 – Where do I start? How do I end? I was lucky enough to hold an important post for it. From the moment of the convening of the first core committee meeting, we knew we were in for something special. The way the branches worked together was crucial for the success of the event. It was really hard to find sleep. BINGO had become my biggest companion in class. All the tensions just never allowed you to listen to the teacher. A huge thanks to Jerin (or Jerinbhai as he is known) for being the best BINGO playing partner. He never gave me an opportunity to win. Don’t worry Nithin, you are a close second(except I was the one who always won).

The success of the whole event didn’t come easy though. An important lesson to everyone out there. You can’t make just friends all the time. Enemies(not the right word) come as a free package whether you like it or not. You might think the whole world hates you, but if you’re sure you’re doing the right thing, you’ll slowly realise that the people who have issues with you are actually in the minority. And they’ll try their best to make their opinion look like that of the majority. Your conscience is the only thing that matters. All the problems aside, there are a few people who deserve special credit. The person who influenced us the most, Prof. Paulson John, our staff in charge. The perfect critic. His policy was – You either do it perfect, or you don’t. SIMPLE. His wisdom carried us all the way. Next, the final years, especially Nandu chettan. Having gone through all the problems I had to face and much more during the previous TAKSHAK, he was there, like a pillar of support that never moved.

And now, my batchmates. The real heroes of TAKSHAK ’11. I’ll be honest. Even I was a bit skeptical about some of the events that were planned. I thought they were going to be a huge risk on a financial front. But the biggest reason for the success of the fest was the risks that were taken. A big special thank you to Kartik (Ammavan) and Ullas for sharing a lot of the tensions with me. The rest of the core committee was simply brilliant. The fact that the representatives from each branch in the core was interested in avoiding issues rather than creating them helped a lot. And our very own DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE(DC). I was even scared to walk past them [:D]. The only other ‘entity’ I’m scared off is my roommate from second year onwards, AJITH AMBALAKAT, better known as **drums rolling** ‘AASHAN’. The way they (DC minus Aashan) handled a crucial issue, that could have brought two branches at loggerheads just moments before the closing ceremony, was brilliant.

For all of you wondering when I’ll stop, well, here’s your answer. NOT SOON ENOUGH. Cos I got to tell you about another of the highlights in (my) 3rd year. MEDHA(also read as COALMINE). A couple of days before we actually started working on the CM(now don’t ask me what CM means), I heard a few of my friends talking about it. I was clueless as to what they had actually meant to do. And finally, when Earnest sir, from whom the idea actually originated, came with his laptop to the Men’s Hostel and showed us a few pictures from a real coal mine, ideas started pouring in and we decided to build a model across two floors in the Founders Block. Now, the mechanicals and civils(or civilians???) know the last place you wanna go to in our college is the drawing hall on top of the FB. I’m sure the journey up Sabarimala is easier than climbing up those four floors. ‘Travelling’ up with your drafter literally strips you off atleast a couple of your senses.

Now imagine carrying about 400 sacks filled with sand to the top of this building. No no no. I didn’t do it on my own. Would I exaggerate so much. I don’t even have the stamina to write about it. WE DID IT. That was one of the most memorable moments from the construction of the mine. The way each person motivated the other while carrying it up top made it all the more easier. Then came the part where we had to build the whole thing. Right from the moment we started working on it, we knew we were in for something (this is the part where I exaggerate) HISTORIC. When you’re classes are suspended unofficially a week before all the other branches, and when the Head of your Department visits the construction site at midnight (every night), and when your group tutors tell you how proud they feel about their class, you don’t need any more inspiration. And proud we were, about what we had achieved at the end of about 10 days of bone crunching efforts. That was the moment we felt ROYAL. TEN THOUSAND PLUS. Need I say more? [B)]

The CM would never have been a success had it not been for the 140 odd S6 Mechs. But a few people deserve to be mentioned specially. They are Nithin and Benoy from Mech A and Sreenath R(our very own Sreekuttan), Aju(Ajuma) and Kiran(Thodupuzha Shashi) from mine(no not “mine” as in ‘coal mine’, I meant my class). These guys just never stopped working. Nithin and Benoy knew exactly what they were doing. They just seemed so sure. Sree was involved right from the site inspection, to the design of the path, to the setting of the benches and desks, to everything. Aju and his workmanship got a lot of us together. And Kiran was like a machine. It was only because of him that we transferred about 100 more sacks up to the top when we had to make a sudden change in plans the night before D Day. Those six days were a lot of fun. So much fun that we even mistook the pathetic sounds coming out of the speakers for good music and danced for it, during the MC’s program. Now who even selected those sound system guys. I could have mixed the sounds better than their sound engineer. The single finger salute by one of my friends on stage(I’m not sure if you guys noticed it) was well deserved.

Sorry guys. A few mentions more. The best thing to have happened to our hostel this year [:D]. The ‘rockstar’ of Kennedy …. “VISHNU MOHANAN” aka “KARUTHEDAM”. And to the guy with the worst Malayalam accent in the whole of the batch, A M Amal, or “AMAL ANDAMAN”- One of the nicest friends you can get. And the brand ambassador from Kothamangalam for Dolby Digital Sounds, BALA [:D]. How can I ever forget one of my best buddies, “EBY” aka “IDIVANDI”. And my dearest RENJITH (Mechanical Topper). He hates it when I say it in public (except when there are pretty girls around, sorry aliya).

So this is the part where I begin to release you poor souls from the clutches of my article. Its four pages already when I view it in 90% zoom on MS Word. Plus I’m not even sure this will be published. With just over a year of college life to go, I am now starting to feel bad. Just as I start to enjoy this journey called “college life”, I can see the end of the road. If only days were longer. MACE is teaching me something new everyday. The experiences here till date have been priceless. A few words of advice to end it all. To those who haven’t discovered FUN at MACE, well, be patient. To those who have, good for you. And to those who will never ever try to find it, yes Basil Thanklice, I mean you. Loosen up.

PS : Thanklice is one of the greatest guys to hang out with. Compromise Basil??

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