Memoirs of Terabithia

Memoirs of Terabithia
by, Sachin Benny (MACE 2013 passout)

Memories are a strange phenomenon.The taste of peda reminds me of a time when I thought, peda was something that only rich people had access to,considering the fact that my mom hid it when a relative gifted us a box of sweets on Diwali.So whenever I eat peda I remember the time when I used to come home from school,throw my bag in a corner and my mom would give me one sweet from the box each day,but it never occured to me to ask “Amma did you have one?”.I guess we are all capitalists by natural instinct.:)

Memories are truly strange,I dont remember the names of the subjects I learnt in final year.(sadly,not an exaggeration.!).I remember my father introducing me to football though,and that was the world cup of 1998,and the game was Brazil vs Scotland,Brazil won it 4-0,and I remember a single line my father said when a bald guy appeared on screen “He is our man,Ronaldo”.The rest is history.Four years later my aunt who married a brazillian (ofcourse I was thrilled) gifted me a brazillian jersey,and I used to wear it every freaking day when I went to play,although it was oversized and almost covered my knee.Life,job and two meddling kids got the most of my father,so he never watches football anymore,but I carry on the family tradition.

I have lost about 50 umbrellas in my lifetime (only if its more) but I remember the summer of 2000 when I saw a girl perched on top of the balcony of my neighbours upstairs that had been rented out.The girl with the “mushroom cut” and a twinkle in her eyes,who as I would later get to know can climb trees,play cricket and climb down wells.The girl would go on to say “you are my best friend” a year later.She had quite an imagination,and I was a bit crazy myself,so while our mortal selves were under the shade of a tree,our minds would be in a rabbit hole or in the middle of the jungle or in outer space.Ah you never know.Anyway she left to some faraway land when I was 10 years old.

I guess I have never been as sad as that evening ,under the blood red sky,left to my own imagination again.I still think about that girl.And I wonder if she will be thinking about me too.But,I figured ,its better not to find out.

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