by, Sanjay SG (2010-14 Electrical)

I look up at the sky and see dark clouds hovering over the horizon, floating ever so slowly towards me. The wind picks up these clouds and they gather speed, bringing along with them the soothing sound of rain falling at a distance. It feels like nature’s way of playing a melancholy tune. The thunder adds a bit of edge to the tune, playing out its crescendo. The humming becomes louder and it’s just a matter of time before the downpour swallows me and everything around. But I don’t want to run from the rain, I am waiting for it, to feel every moment of it.

The wind is now a low howl as it brushes through my hair, and the anticipation keeps growing until it gnaws at my mind. Just when I think I can’t wait any longer, the clouds shower the cool rain as if it were a gift from the heavens. The first droplets feel like pure bliss, like the first gulp of water for a man weary from travelling a long, lonely road through a dry desert. Everything around me takes on a bright sheen, the trees, the leaves, the ground, as if the rain rejuvenates it, imbuing it with new life.

The water drenches me from head to toe and cools my entire body. But the way it soaks my mind is even more amazing and this feeling of serene calm sweeps over me. It overwhelms me, pulling me under a trance. I don’t exist in body any more, all I am is this feeling. I can’t summon up the words to describe the feeling and its unfathomable depths or its inexplicable beauty. All I can muster up is that it feels like an elixir that soothes my soul and lifts me from the fragility, the transience and the triviality of human existence.

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