College Union and Arts Club Inaugurated by Shri.Lal Jose

College Union and Arts Club Inaugurated by Shri.Lal Jose


The College Union and Arts Club of the college was inaugurated today (February 2nd, 2014) by the famous film director Shri. Lal Jose. When we asked him if he would be free for inaugurating this event, Lal Jose sir was delighted at the prospect of interacting with the students and he sought nothing in return for his appearance. The college is extremely grateful for his kindness and willingness to come as the chief guest of the function, even though he had a hectic schedule.


The inauguration was followed by several arts and cultural programs presented by the MACE Music club, Choreo team, LH Union, various Hostels etc. The MACE Auditorium was jam-packed despite the heat and everyone irrespective of their batch, branch and gender had tons of fun. It was a sight to behold, a program to remember. The first years had their first glimpse of how much fun MACE can be. Students were dancing like crazy, chanting slogans, cheering for their branch and batch with some jaw dropping performances taking them to a different planet, even if only for a few hours.


The inaugural function was over by 12.15 and paved way for some magical performances. The music club began the proceedings with its usual enchanting show. Mr. Arjun G Nair (Final Year Electrical) and his team were remarkable. This was followed by dance programs. The LH Union initiated the dance events and captivated the audience with its mesmerizing show. Later the Choreo team led by Rony (final year CS) and Safiya (final year civil) took over with some dazzling performances.

The hostel boys were not to be left behind. The Kennedy boys, the final year boys (staying in ‘Kadi’ and ‘Kudi’ nearby M.H) also performed some nostalgic dance programs.

Visit for photos of the event.

It was an amazing day. Time flied by as MACE took on a different image, as it does few days every year.


The programs would never have been a success, but for the men who worked tirelessly in the background.

First, a lot of credit goes to Ms. Isline Shajan (final year civil), through whom the chief guest of the day was arranged.

The college union members, especially, Chairman Shri. Ajith Joseph (final year mechanical), General Secretary TMr. Tilak C Raj (third year mechanical), Arts Club Secretary Mr. Sreeraj S Vadakkedath (Final year Civil), Vice-Chairman Ms. Binisha PS (final year civil) and UUC Mr. Shyam Prakash (second year) took the lead and worked admirably as a unit.

The program had the support of the staff, especially Prof. Acy Kottalil (EEE dept) Prof. Thomas George sir (EC dept)
Apart from them, there were many others who played more than a supporting role.

Allen Tom Joseph and Bipin Lal (Final years), Afsal M, Sekhar, Rohan Mathew and Kevin Johny (Third years) were the other main student coordinators.

The support team also included Jithin UK, Jithin Ram, Harikrishnan, Abijith Unni and Sandeep T from final years.

Niegel Joseph and Helena Babu did the anchoring. The discipline committee which had around 30 members from all batches made sure that the huge crowd was in control.

Most importantly the Music Club, Choreo team, LH Union and the hostel boys deserve a lot of praise because without them all these preparations would have been futile. They worked day in and day out during the past week to perform today.

Thus, the event was a result of the combined effort and hard work of these men working behind the curtains.

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