Useful Websites for Students

Useful Websites for Students


This website provides details of internship opportunities available for students and employees at reputed companies and organizations around the world. You can subscribe to it and get weekly alerts as well.


This website provides highly interesting talks on anything and everything. The duration of the talk varies between 3 minutes to 25 minutes. These talks are highly insightful. There is also a conversation page, where registered users can ask doubts or debate on any issue.


This is a place where you can ask anything under the sky or even above it and get it answered. You can also see very interesting questions and answers in this website. To make maximum use of this website, you need to follow sections you are deeply passionate about. It is also essential to follow a lot of friends so that we get updates from them.


This provides video lectures on almost all topics of engineering and other disciplines, and is a venture of IITs and IISc. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science and humanities streams. It even has resources for GATE preparation and mock tests. It is funded by Govt of India. This is similar to which provides similar resources. Both these websites are highly beneficial to students.


This website gives complete details of any festivals (technical, arts etc as well as seminars/workshops) which are organized in different parts of the country.


We can download international journals and publications through this website.


You can create your own CV/resume using this website. It can be customised as per our requirements. There are different styles available, and the resume can be saved for future use after creating an account.


If there are any other websites that you find useful, please take your time to leave a comment. It might benefit someone.

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