Fresher in college- the first day (Article ID #5)

Fresher in college- the first day
(By, Prince Raju : Computer Science 2013-17)

College is an inevitable part of our lives where we change from the school level to an unknown level. And for sure “first day of a fresher in college” is one of the debated topics between students who just finished schooling. In my case I wished to join Computer Science and Engineering in MACE, Kothamangalam and joined the college just after the first allotment.

My house being in Pothanicad (about 12 km from MACE), I do not have a hostel life in MACE. But as for any first year student the first day is full of ambiguity. Seeing periods changing without the ring of a bell…..GT instead of class teacher……finding hard to find places, especially toilets……are all part of this ambiguity. But the bitter experience any fresher would expect is “ragging”. Parents telling about how bad their first year was, and elder cousins giving advice about handling the first day without getting involved in ragging, are nothing less than fuel added to fire. I have signed about 5 times guaranteeing that I will not indulge in any sort of ragging during my admission procedures.

I mustered up my courage and proceeded to the first day as a fresher in college. One of my feeble minded friend was shivering head to toe even for walking to the canteen. Most of my friends mentioned the word ragging even for seniors asking their names very friendly. On the first day at college seniors are like unfriendly aliens. Even making eye-contact with seniors meant disastrous.

We even made colour codes for seniors based on the tags for their ID cards. Green tag (4th years), shows that the people wearing them are green(okay) to contact. We made the conclusion that they got lot of studies to do and hence do not posses the time to rag. Red tag(3rd years) may seem a colour to panic but its the opposite. We considered them to be done with ragging. Blue tag(2nd years) was the most vicious colour according to us. They were the people we first years were most afraid of, just because our elder relatives gave us a picture like that.

After two days I found out that everything was wrong. As the part of the team behind I attended a meeting representing first year students. Whom I first met was from the vicious blue team, a second year student from mechanical batch. The very next moment I started talking to him I felt like 2nd years are more friendly than some of my own classmates. I also engaged with 3rd years and 4th years during the meeting. From that very moment my concepts about seniors changed. I started to be with the company of more seniors. For all the freshers at MACE all I have to tell is that “Seniors are not your enemies, they are your very best brothers and sisters”.

It’s truly said that MACE is a “ragging free campus”.

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