College Without Seniors (Article ID #4)

  SCRIPT written by SENIORS

‘Building up the unforgettable days of life’ :

from the back benches of the class room . . !

‘Exploring the new trends of style’ : from the crazy hair colours to the *hydrophobic* torn jeans . . !
‘Innovating the new ideas of wickedness’: from the class bunks to the practical application of copy-paste in exam halls . . !
‘Sharing all those silly stupidities of life’: from the emotion updates on friends shoulders to the* like(Y) * facebook status !
…AND all these are grinded together in the nutshell called the college for the *SPICY SPECIAL SPECIES* called the SeNiOrS who cherish all the happy moments of life !
(A college without seniors would be a real stupidity to even think of , with nothing to write about it, as we’ve experienced much of it during their Sem break ! )
14 long beautiful years of school life under the radar-eyes of teachers, from the tiny alphabets to the giant trigonometry, from the funny Hide n’ Seek to the challenging Truth or Dare . .and finally at the end of 14th year from the kids-home school to the youth plaza college!From the day of admission to the first day of college was like a horror movie with scary stories about *senior-ghosts* from different angles like the Tik of a time bomb ! :O

In college, everything was different, and this began from the multicolour sketches to the all time favourite three rupee pen, from a single sickleave to the mass cuts for cinema, from 12 note book carrying bag to single notebook containing 12 subject notes! 😉 and the only change that got the green signal was the change from finger mathematics to the scientific calculators =p
Then came the stars of the College with pleasing questions from either side asking ” മോളേ . . ! =) !! calculator ഉണ്ടോ . . !!??!! =p ^_^ “
This was the first impression . . . and the best too . . !!
But the very next day , the first best impression took a *U turn* , as we understood that our calculators have left us forever, and was in a tour with our seniors . . ! :O
                                             *THE LOST TREASURE*
The first day of our college assured us with our Principals word “of PROMISE” : “Ragging is strictly prohibited in our College, with a fully functioning Anti-Ragging Cell . . ! ” The time bomb that was ticking faster and stronger than our heartbeats began to slow down with this assurance. But unfortunately. this process of slowing down had a very short life as our GT asked us to give our seniors due respect with a *WRONG SMILE* on her face !
                                      *THE FIRST BROKEN PROMISE*
The 2 hour lunch break on Fridays are main duty hours for our seniors. And that was one of our initial Friday here! Class was busy with making friends, chit-chats, giggles and laughs.
Then was a sudden attack at the backside window of the classroom, capturing all our attention! A tall guy with all those extra fittings which he thought would make him what we call the-new-generation-bud ! To be honest his entry was one of a kind as if he was a hero of a film that would have otherwise been a flop in his absence! Followed by all those stupid Questions which he thought would scare us! Phew!! =p =D (*No Offence*)
And outside the classroom, the corridors , canteen , all were occupied with the * *Blue, Red, and Green taggers* looking for the tag-less ones. Those were the days when we used to link scariness with colours.Blue seemed to be the scariest, Red seemed to be Okay, and most of the greens were quite busy with their exams and rarely appeared on the screen.
                                       *THE HEROIC PRESENCE*
We had no idea about a dynamic motion, on which our sir gave an hour long intolerable lecture, as we were all in a static position with a fully openend mouth and bulged out eyes in front of all those new graphical plans, graphical elevations and those complicated, twisted electrical circuits. But very soon our hands began moving from rest to motion with high velocity and acceleration as our senior brothers and sisters asked us to complete their ‘chota-interesting’ assignments. Thus in the very first week of our engineering studies we began to design huge machines, construct new buildings and create elongated electric circuits for our seniors. ! o.O
But we thank our dear seniors who at least found time in their *BUSY* schedule to collect and submit *our* assignment to *their* teachers ! =p 😉
                                          * THE HECTIC WORK-LOAD*
…still we love this crazy part of our life:)
SENIORS!… They always rock the campus by stealing hearts, adding colours and giving the college its spirit ! =)
Their moments of fun and frolic reach every nook & corner of our college !
Living like there’s no tomorrow, laughing like bursting out years of happiness, talking like you’re the only one. walking like rulers . . . ! You guys are making our life here worth living !! =D
So dear elder brothers and sisters  . . !
Be the way you are!
We are in love with you crazy people!! =D
Live fast. Die young, Break rules, Be wild n Have fun !! =D
Keep on writing the best ever script of our college !

And so...”WE ALWAYS PUT OUR THUMBS UP FOR A COLLEGE WITH SENIORS!” (Y)=D                                                                                                                                                 

Martha and Milan

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