YoYo IV (Industrial Visit S1 R)

IV which actually means Industrial Visit had a different meaning for us, ‘The aMACEing CS’.

On a chilling Saturday morning, 18th Jan 2014……… Even though it was a 12 hr trip it felt like more.. We started our journey at 6 am from Kothamangalam . Went to Cheriyapalli as was the custom whenever MACEians went for IV.

mpAll were settled in their seats, some were even on the verge of sleeping. But wait … Thats not how our 1st trip is supposed to be, is it? especially not at the beginning. So even though all were grodgy (because all were too excited to sleep the previous day), stomachs empty, we still took to the dance floor (well, actually the narrow passage in between the 2 rows of seats :P). Disco lights on, lasers on, and music blaring through the loudspeakers, we danced without any care in the world, without minding the dumbstruck looks of some who were still seated, ignoring the stamps & kicks from the nearby dancers :P, though those from the boys with froggy legs (and giraffe necks, meaning the tall ones) were a bit difficult to ignore 😛

At some point the loud cry from the empty stomach took over the music & soon we had our breakfast, from Irattupetta. After that we went to the nearby church St. George Forane Church Aruvithura, made our prayers but mainly to attend nature’s call (*embarrassed*).

From there it was another 1 hr long trip to our destination, Vagamon- our dream destination.

First we went to Suicide Point. Such a beautiful sight! What a great place to spend your last few minutes. No wonder it got that name

😛 Yeah…. it was very tempting. It took all my strength to restrain myself from jumping over the cliff!

The next stop was the Pine Forest. Hundreds of pine trees neatly arranged in rows and columns, in equidistant parallel lines like Miller Indices’ planes :P. Me & few others felt quite adventurous & decided to deviate from the actual foot path. Bad idea! Though others who went through the right path were just within hands reach, we were struggling to make up with them ( miscalculated the slope >_<).

DSC03871Spent some time there, played Anthaksheri ‘Gals Vs Boys’. Even the sir who accompanied us took part in it 😮 (YoYo! Unbelievable he was amazing ;)) Had a good time there. Afterwards did some shopping. By this time it was already noon & we had our lunch- Fried rice and Gopimanchurian, finger licking good 😉

DSC03952To burn the calories, the next place we went to was the famous meadows of Vagamon. It’s actually nothing but some ‘mottakunnu’ 😛 The only attractive spot there was the pond and the two rocks – one had a tree growing near and we finally found the ‘maramkaeri’s’ of CS, ofcourse I’m one of them B| 😉 Spent about 1.5 hr there.

And that was the final destination( now don’t let your mind wander to that movie!) or so we thought. At about 5:15pm we reached Thodupuzha and we deviated from the actual path to visit the Malankara dam. Unfortunately it was closed :/ But hey! We are the aMACEing CS and we don’t get let down so easily. So we, a total of 50 crazy people, jumped over the closed gates and visited the dam. Actually our GT and a few others went in to see if there was any officials to ask permission to enter. When they didn’t return we followed their steps.

Lo!! Some passersby stopped by and looked at us skeptically, probably wondering what these people are doing here. They enquired about our whereabouts(uh oh), we feared that it would become a problem( Scoot!), we escaped. Hoo…. That was a close call. That’s when we noticed the naked truth! Written in big bold letters were the sign ‘PROHIBITED AREA’. And we were smart enough that our eyes didn’t catch it at the first sight.

It was time to return and we halfheartedly left the place. Why do all the good things have to end soon?? On the way back no one was seated in their seats as predicted 😛 actually those who didn’t come in the morning too came and oh boy! Was that dance?!! I have never seen anything like that (referring to the boys ok) I think it’s the new gen dance 😛

We bid ‘tata’ to few of our peers and to Arun sir, who entertained us with many songs( unfortunately 😛 ) and have promised to invite us to his marriage, but one small condition… 1st he had to find a girl! 😛

Ofcourse we took tons of pics with millions of poses – attitude ones, stupid ones, freak ones, cool ones 😉 and lots more… Altogether we had a fantastic, bomblastic, elastic, and plastic time 😀


Thanks to the great coordinators – Johns, Kunju (Kuncheriya), Pattunni (Silk Sunny aka Basil Sunny), and last but far from the least Pinch( PoP aka Prince). This wouldn’t have been possible if it not were for them.




I take this opportunity to thank our beloved HOD who granted the permission and our dear GT( we saw his real face then!.. I think he is still 18 😉 ) and Arun sir who accompanied us. We went with empty hands but returned with handsfull of moments to cherish 🙂DSC03793

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