Suggest Novels for College Library

Suggest Novels for College Library

In addition to the study materials, journals and weeklies, there are also several novels, short stories etc in our college library. This has been possible thanks to the initiative of a few students in the College Magazine Committee.

These non-academic books are a new addition to the library, and has been a reason for many students to go to the library. There are several famous novels, short stories, essays, travelogues, biographies etc in both English as well as Malayalam, in the library. These books are in fact taken from the library of the Arts College and are replaced periodically, usually every semester, based on suggestions from students.

We will have new set of books in the this category soon.

Suggestions are invited from the students on the books (novels, poetry, biography, travelogues, personality development books, essays etc) they would like to have in the college library. If you want a particular book to be added to the college library, please leave a comment here. We will do the needful.

Please mention the name of the book as well as the authors name. And, try to suggest books of different genres. We will do our best to get them in the college library.

You can suggest English as well as Malayalam books.

One thought on “Suggest Novels for College Library

  1. I would be really grateful if you could get the folllowing books to our library. 😉

    Digital Fortress – Dan Brown

    Mayyazhipuzhayude theerangalil – M. Mukundan,

    A Brief History of time – Stephen Hawking,

    Once and a Future King – T. H white

    And so many of my classmates were looking for books by Dan Brown, Chetan Bhagat, Agatha Christie & for Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathy.

    Sherlock Holmes would also be a good addition.

    Books on Psychology or Astronomy might catch some attention too. 🙂

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