MACE without Seniors (Article ID 2)

Honestly, I can’t imagine a college without seniors, except for the newly
opened ones 😛

There we will be ruling the world. No fear, no ragging, we can walk with
our heads held high.

You can walk around the campus without the eagle eyes following you

You can walk home without the fear of getting caught by the seniors, and
most importantly you could escape the works the burden us with, their
assignments! One of my friend got a head load of one and she stayed up till
4 at night and even took a half day leave. Poor girl.

If there are no seniors, then we can go to the canteen fearlessly. Yeah.. I
have seen many scared to go there, to the canteen!! I was one of them. I am
still scared but I can’t hold myself for long, especially when the food is
free as your friend is treating, it would be bad manners if I don’t go,
right? So I go, ignoring everyone else there and just focusing on what’s in
front of me, the delicious chocolate ice cream ^_^

And there was this incident where my friends were in a nearby restaurant
and the seniors came and told them to leave and it was not even inside the

Furthermore, you could enjoy during Takshak, that’s in the case of our
college MACE. I regret missing a few events which I wished to attend.
Instead we were made to sit in some boring seminar. Ugh!

Despite all these, I don’t feel reluctant to say that “SENIORS ROCKS!” Even
though they give some ‘para’ college life wouldn’t be fun without them.

The incident where my friends were told to leave the restaurant, well they
had almost finished their meal, so it was no big deal, no harm done J maybe
that’s why they told that, eh?

After all they are the ones who built up the fame of our college, who
hosted an awesome techfest, who is going to host another astounding event,
the Sanskriti. They are the ones who made it easy for us to get our
textbooks through book bank( that was helpful , thanks for that J ), who
encourage us to do things, who will guide us, hopefully.

Beside I too will become a senior one day, right? And I don’t want to miss
the privileges of being one 😀

Moreover, if there weren’t any seniors in the college…..

We would miss all the handsome guys!! 😉


By, a first year student (female)


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