The first thing I was worried about joining a college, was seniors. The pieces of news & films regarding ragging had created a very horrible image about college and seniors in my mind. I clearly remember- for the first few days in college, I was reluctant to walk around the campus, unless in a group. Also, some of my ‘beautiful’ friends happened to have some bitter experiences in the first week itself, which added to my fear. Gradually, seniors became more familiar to us- atleast some of us- through clubs like dance club,  music club, & last, but not the least, The Mace Post. Takshak ’13 also helped to change the above mentioned image not only in my mind, but in any fresher’s mind (for those who stayed for the event).

When I came to know that seniors were going to have sem-holidays, the first feeling that came to my mind was boundless excitement and thrill, thinking of the freedom with which we could wander around and enjoy the campus. This was a boon to some of my ‘see-you-at-the-canteen’ friends, who greatly enjoyed the ‘senior-free’ college (&) canteen. As the beauty-hunters were now absent in the college, my ‘beautiful’ friends became more stylish & beautiful. We could walk around the campus joyfully with our heads up & without the fear of seniors ‘picking’ us up.

But after a few days, our thrill and energy began going down (especially due to the ‘first series impact’). College looked like something meant only for studying & numbing our brains out, like my entrance coaching centre.  Assignments from seniors were replaced with those from teachers. Canteen was occupied, only with empty chairs. The campus that was once filled with the hustle & bustle of seniors was now empty & dead silent. Clearly speaking, MACE without seniors looked like an amusement park without rides. What else to say, we wish seniors were back , with the fun and craziness that only they can bring back.



a first year student (female)

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