The first audition to the college choreography team was held in the month of February, 2010. The team of judges included Charles Joseph, Divyasree, Taby, Arun, Sherin, Charley and Soumya, whose vision and passion is what propelled the idea into reality. They along with the best dancers of MACE selected in the auditions formed the team which is the forerunner of the present ‘DANCE CLUB de MACE’.

Auditions are held in the beginning of every academic year to search for talented youngsters passionate about dancing. With those selected, weekly meetings are conducted  in which  ideas are exchanged and discussed leading to decisions regarding participation in the upcoming Arts Fests of various colleges. More than just a formal affair, these meetings are a platform for fraternization with like-minded people which helps broaden the whole campus experience.

There are plenty of opportunities to showcase dancing talents, Arts Club Inauguration and SANSKRITI being the main events within the college. RAGAM(NIT-C)  and DHWANI(CET) are two of the highlight events which have seen active participation from ‘DANCE CLUB de MACE’ year after year. Many unforgettable crowds and dozens of adrenaline filled performances later, we continue our journey forward…..


“To Live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins.

Everything living has a rhythm.

Do you feel your music…?”



Student coordinator :   Rony Joseph    9656585141


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