Prastuti XIII- Paper Presentation Competition!!!

“Creative Minds, Inspiring Future”

Now a days, we need innovations rather than inventions. Innovation is NOT a product. Innovation is NOT just technology and is NOT merely a concept. Innovation is a sustainable process and is a manifestation of originality. Originality in thinking and originality in conceptualizing natural inventiveness of the mind. Stretching minds little further than the normal thresholds have resulted in great innovations. Are you of the opinion that innovation and creativity are best put as practice in applied science? Do you feel that you have a wealth of ideas or a brilliant conception only that you cannot find a platform to express it? Look no further…
Prastuti’ 13 is one of the flagship events of Takshak’ 13, the annual technical festival of Mar Athanasius College of Engineering. The paper presentation competition, prastuti’13 beckons all the loquacious minds to scream out their ideas. It provides you the opportunity to showcase your comprehensive knowledge and your ability to make people understand it. Who knows this could be your first step to fame and glory!

. The contest is open to all students of mechanical engineering stream.
. All students wishing to participate in the competition are required to follow the regular Symposium submission process for papers.
. To be considered for an award, the student must have been a full-time engineering student of any recognised university during the time the work was performed.

*Organizers reserve the right to change/update the rules of the contest at any point of time and will do their best to inform the participants of the same. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the teams to keep themselves updated.
**Violation of any rule mentioned can lead to disqualification of paper at any point of time.

Rules and Regulations
1) The contest is open to undergraduate students only.
2) Presentation should be done by a team of maximum two members.
3) The abstract (not more than 300 words) should be sent on or before 20/09/13 to
[email protected]
[email protected]
4) The abstract for preliminary evaluation should contain the names of team members, name of the college, contact numbers and e-mail id.
5) Acknowledgement of the receipt of the entries will be sent by September 25.
6) Participants passing the preliminary evaluation can present the paper in Prastuthi ’13.
7) In case any of the shortlisted candidates do not turn up, the wait listed candidates will be given the opportunity to present.Please not that no extra time will be given to the wait listed candidates for preparation of their presentation.
8) Decision of the judges will be final and will not be liable for questioning.
9) All participants(short listed and wait listed ) present during the event will be given a certificate of participation.
10) General TAKSHAK policies would be applicable to the event.
11) Any clarifications if necessary should be made before the contest.

1. The paper may be experimental/research/project work based.
2. Reference should be quoted wherever necessary.
3. Presentation must be developed using PowerPoint (in .ppt or .pps format).
4. The participants should bring 4 hard copies and one softcopy (CD/USB preferred) of the paper in which there should not be any mention about contestants’ name, college details, or contact details.
5. The hard copies should be handed over to the judges prior to the commencement of presentation.
6. Presentation must not be longer than 15 minutes.
7. A warning signal will be given at the end of 12 minutes and a stop signal will be given at the end of 15 minutes. The contestant should cease speaking when the stop signal is given.
8. A 5 minute question and answer session will follow the presentation.
9. Questions may be posed by judges and/or students attending the presentation.
10. Presentation maybe followed by visual acts.



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