By, Asha Latha (Civil Engg: 2009-2013)

“Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!”. This was my initial reaction when my mom asked me to spend a few days with my grandma. Don’t jump into wrong conclusions, my grandma is an awesome (that’s too modern for her), let’s say, amazing woman but unfortunately she lives in a place with no TV, no computer, music system…..argh!! How will I kill time there? Mom was least bothered about all these issues and went on to the last resort, emotional torture. I finally gave in. I packed my bag with a few cloths and my F.M. text book(I had my university exams coming up). The moment I saw the beautiful old house and my lovely grandma who was just longing for company, I felt positive about the whole thing. It was drizzling. I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful yellow flowers all around me. The lovely sound made by the rain as it hit the rooftop.The way the whole house lit up with a divine energy as my grandma lighted the evening diya. I sat there, on the verandah observing the little wonderful things which made life so beautiful. At that point I loved my mom for sending me here. I went inside to have the delicious puttu and kadala that she had prepared exclusively for me. Sipping my coffee, I sat there watching the night sky. A day ago I couldn’t think of a world without music, friends, and the computer but now, I couldn’t help myself from enjoying the peace of being with oneself. I started enjoying things which were tiny, unimportant, and minute but truly wonderful. I missed my mom, dad and brother and I realized what they really meant to me. I realized the value of the friends and that I did think a lot about them even without nonstop blabbering on the phone which used to drive my dad up the wall. More importantly I learned the power of silence, peace. I found pleasure even in reading through my F.M text book(unbelievable). I found happiness in listening to my grandma’s endless gossip, in walking barefoot on the golden sand, in watching the trees dance with the breeze. I even found myself smiling at those yellow flowers… Yes, I found the god of small things.

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