The Royal Enfield Standard 500

The Royal Enfield Standard 500


Recently I happened to watch an old advert of Royal Enfield, which had the motto, ‘everything gives way for an Enfield.’ It was one of those ads which fill you with awe, leaving you frozen in time, making you a dreamer. The true king of Indian roads, the Royal Enfield has been a head-turning macho machine since time of our dads. The fact that it still is, shows its glory through time. The comfort, the looks and of course the majestic sound is absolutely unparalleled.

And the most recent experience of mine was having a ride on the all-new Enfield Standard 500. Among all the models of Enfield, this particular beast stands out. Packing the classic looks wit classic tail lamp, it is truly an estimable sight, especially in the forest green colour, The sight of it just soaking up the evening sun was an amazing sight.

Unlike normal 500 cc’s of Enfield, this particular model is a carburettor type.  The revamped work on the classic Enfield logo is a feature unique to this model. The one I got to ride had just about 100 kms on the clock. Nothing felt different compared to the other models, that was, until I engaged the gear and gave it the beans. Boy o Boy, it was a smooth surge of towering power!!! I could compare it with no other enfield, hell no other two wheeler I’d ever laid my hands on. Don’t mistake it to be sporty or anything, but it is a smooth blend of power and comfort. Just like an obedient butler saying, ‘Of course, sir.’ it swiftly takes you wherever you wanna go. If anything, you’d have to check the speedo, because it never is at speeds at which you think you are going. Its way faster!

Maneuvering this obedient monster is fairly simple. The power and torque at 26 and 41 is just a tiny bit lower than the fuel injected models, and hence is not much of a difference. It also is quite composed. Doesn’t shout about or isn’t a bit ostentatious. And at the high rpm’s it doesn’t vibrate much as well. As I rode on I hit the typical ernakulam traffic, and like every other rider, I went off-road, on the hard shoulder. Through the deep trench-like gutters that could rattle your spine on a pulsar or Yamaha, it was almost seamless. With bigger forks at the front it is very much stable in harsh conditions, be it on or off the road. Sure enough, this is a milestone in all time Enfields.

The urge to own an Enfield comes out of taste. It is a tamed, aesthetic beast, one that amplifies your heart beat. The 500 doesn’t stand out as an exotic ride, but it sure does lay its impression on those with a keen eye for Enfields.

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