Why do we need the ‘ God Particle’?

Why do we need the ‘God Particle’?

We have all heard about it.. Here I am sharing what I understand..

I am starting my first post in this page with my favorite quantum world.

For explaining the large world called macroscopic world, for the world of stars and galaxies we have Einstein ‘s theory of relativity..
and for the microscopic world, for the world of electrons and protons, we have quantum mechanics. Both of these theories are consistent with nature and is able to explain it in detail.

But there is a problem. There is no connection between these two theories. We can never explain theory of relativity in terms of quantum mechanics… They can never be combined.

So we need a theory which can explain the macroscopic world in terms of microscopic world. We need a single unique theory which is consistent with nature and is able to explain in detail.

In mid 20th century a group of scientists introduced a new theory called standard model. In standard model, there are only four fundamental forces. Every other forces are derived from these basic forces. They are gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force..

The most interesting thing is standard model is able to explain the origin of 3 forces clearly and accurately.. Electromagnetic force with photos, weak and strong nuclear forces with gloss and wz bosons.. Now the problem comes,what about the fourth one? Gravity…?

Yes! Gravity. The most fundamental force in nature which is responsible for all familiar phenomena left unclear. The problem is with the fundamental particle that causes gravity. According to Universal law of gravitation, gravitational force is directly promotional to the product of mass of objects. But from where the mass came from?

If we divide atom, we’ll get electrons and protons. If we go for further division, we’ll end up with quarks. Protons are made up of quarks. The problem comes when we start to analyze the mass of an electron and a quark (top quark). Both of these particles are fundamental. They can’t be divided. A top quark is 300 thousand times more heavier than an electron. From where the mass came from? What is responsible for this difference in mass?..

For answering these questions, a new theory is developed. ‘ Higgs theory ‘.

According to Higgs theory, we’re all living in a sea of tiny particles called Higgs bosons.. They are every where.. But it is invisible. Just like a magnet creates a magnetic field around it, Higgs boson creates a Higgs field around it. Simply we are living in that field. When a particle interact with this field, it acquires mass. We believe that a top quark is influenced by the Higgs field in a much more powerful way than an electron which gives it a very high mass…. The name god is nothing but meaningless here.

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The hunt for the Higgs boson is still under way. Let us wait for an official announcement. If it actually exists, that will be an extraordinary moment for us. But If it doesn’t, then the standard model become inconsistent with nature and we’ll need a whole new theory to explain why we are like this..

“Understanding this universe is one of the fundamental needs for human being since we are the only intelligent species in this universe…”

Thanks for reading. If you have found any mistakes, please forgive me and take a second to let me know .

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