Refresh like a rose

Refresh like a rose

by, Steephen Joseph (Computer Science, 2013-17)


Nature is beautiful in its passion

sky with the shining blue colour

makes the major part of nature

A man is just like the sky

When the sky turns dark its scares everyone…

a person of the same behavior completes the task.

Think first ,that’s the main thing to think

victory comes by that way…..

A man who is  pleasant makes the nature happiest of all….

don’t simply jump into a step

think before it, two roads in front,

don’t know which is good or bad?

a confidence of positive mind leads him through

the right path. Everything is natures tricks

so think to be kind to the sky, water, hills, roads

and all the pockets of the wonderful world

that god has given to us…

refresh yourself!!

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