Android vs ios vs Windows Phone

This is an epic battle between gadget lovers especially phone lovers- “Which mobile platform is better-android, ios or windows phone?”.  This is question can’t be answered completely because it is all a matter of personal taste. All operating systems have their merits and demerits when it comes to customer level. But let’s compare all the areas of major concern- usability, app availability, hardware, display, performance, price and other areas that are relevant. Let’s check- android vs ios vs windows phone


1. ios

Emerged from the hardcore of “thinking different”, ios is the platform which really defined smartphone during that era where smart phones were not so smart. But as the time passed by ios also got good competition and hence undergone a lot of changes, especially after the release of the new ios 7. As anyone would imagine from a person like Steve Jobs, the platform is simply simple and easy to use interface. Since Apple produces both hardware and software we can expect quality for sure. As Steve Jobs once said “We don’t ship junk”, iphones are surely the best in class. App availability is not at all a concern as this is the central hub of all apps. The new retina display is one of the best in class providing maximum clarity for whatever we see. Sync between all Apple devices gives us a unified feel.  System crashes is not a story from the new ios. But lack of availability of customization is a major concern for those who are  moving from android. The high end pricing of Apple mobiles creates havoc in the mind of common people, especially in Indian market. The leaked images of plastic casings for an unofficial iphone 5c gives hope for Indian market where pricing is one of the major factor. Overall ios is for those who like superior performance and app availability but money is not a concern.

2. Android

Described as “the windows in mobile world”, android is one of the leaders in mobile platforms. Based on linux kernel, android is coming from the home of the internet giant Google.  It is surely the most customization and user friendly way of using a mobile. It comes in different specifications. Android being a freeware different vendors customizes in their perspective. But in some cases this leads to a lot of bugs, especially when bought from a low standard producer. App environment is not as big as Apple but it’s one of the best in world. Google play store has recently reported more app downloads than App Store. Performance may not be a sure shot but the new jellybean update have a promising performance in mid and high end price sector. The release of  the new “keylime pie” is one which is most awaited. everyone is looking forward to the Google I/O for the release of new version and android sdk update. When it comes to price, there is an android for everyone. Overall the smartphone experience offered by android is superior and there is a phone which can suite every person.

3. Windows Phone

Windows phone is one of the beginners in mobile industry but its roots are clamped strongly to the giant foundations of Microsoft. It is available from htc, samsung and of course the flagship Nokia Lumia. The new modern ui (metro design) is one of its class. The live tiles add to the personal appeal of a phone. App environment was one of the major concern for those who love Windows Phone, but all major mainstream apps are already available and are even better than the ones from its competitors. The lack of apps like instagram is also a concern. There is a rumor that Microsoft is paying developers for developing apps. But the availability of Microsoft Office with both reading and editing facility is one big golden egg. The deep integration with social networking sites is also aiming youth customers. The people hub integrates everything your friends do to one location. One of the best mobile cameras’ are lodged in Windows Phones, especially the mobile camera flagship Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixel camera. Windows phones against all misconceptions can be used for bluetooth file transfer even with other mobile platforms. It is also available in different budgets. Overall the deal offered by Microsoft is worth trying with its almost zero system crashes and very new design.

Its up to the consumer to decide what is good for them. I wish my review helped you.

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