Those invisible hands….

Those invisible hands….

04/08/2013… It was a fine dusk with bit of golden rays from the departing sun of the day. I was on my way to the Shornur Railway Station to catch the Shornur –Ernakulam Passenger train scheduled to depart at 5pm… I pushed myself into the jam packed train compartment. Reached Kothamangalam at around 9pm . It was raining heavily. I got to know from my roommates that it had been raining heavily for the past 6 hours. Since I was damn tired I dozed off at around 10.30pm.

05/08/2013… In the morning I woke up at around 8am followed by a call from my friend. She told me like…”Eda LH il vellamilla” . It was a bit surprising to hear, as it was raining throughout the previous day and then realising the quality of our electricity board, there is nothing unusual. I thought for a second. Then I phoned one of my friends in MH. Even he was facing the same problem. I was pretty happy because in such situations we won’t be having any classes. But I wasn’t sure about it as if the electiricity board gives any surprise in the next half an hour or so then the situation would change. So I had to push myself out of my blanket…pulled my towel and dashed into the bathroom. When I was about to finish, my roommate was happily screaming from outside as the classes were suspended due to 15 hour non-stop rain that filled most of the path-holes on our roads and blocked the traffic. I was in a mixed emotion of happiness and sad. Though we got an off-day, I felt disappointed realising that I can’t go back to my bed and I lost a beautiful sleep . I came out and told my friend “Dude……I just came here to have a breakfast”. I was really upset since I need to travel back to my place because we had a Govt. declared holiday in the next day. I quickly had my breakfast and packed all the necessary stuff so that I could leave for my home at the earliest. Myself and my friend headed for Kothamangalam Bus Stand. A gentle man was kind enough to give us a lift. My friend got down on the way and the gentleman dropped me at the bus stand. I could catch a bus to Aluva Railway Station. I got a seat and took the ticket. The bus started to move and I could see plenty of water on the roads.


When the bus reached Nellikuzhi, I received a call from the NSS Secretary of my college. He wanted to know whether I am willing to donate my blood to a person suffering from kidney problem. Without any hesitation, I asked him whether he would like me to get down in the next stop. He said he will call me back. After a few minutes I got a call from my teacher, who is the Head of NSS Unit in our college. He asked me to get down at the next stop. After about 20 minutes he picked me up from the Mudakkirayi Bus Stop. I got into his car and there were two persons in the vehicle. We all are having the same blood group O –ve…. a rare blood group I suppose. Our teacher explained us about the patient, the hospital and the situation etc. All I could gather from his words was that I need to donate my blood for a person who was going to undergo kidney transplantation and we are on our way to Lake Shore Hospital. It was about 12.30pm. My teacher parked his car in front of a star hotel to have our lunch. Even I was so hungry by then, as it was usually our lunch time in college. The food was awesome… A big salute to Lokah Hotel. After our lunch, we proceeded towards the hospital.


The receptionist at the blood bank asked me to fill up the required form. We completed all necessary formalities and then she called me to check the haemoglobin level of my blood. It was ok and then she directed me to the room where they asked us to lay down on our corresponding beds. She enquired many things…regarding my college.. course…and even about the donation…etc. After about 30 minutes, we were almost done and the nurse gave us fruit juices. For a second, I thought it was a promo. But she told me it was absolutely necessary to have lots of fluid stuff after the blood donation. She also handed me a card with so many “do’s and don’ts”, after blood donation. I read everything carefully and handed over the card back to her. I got out of my bed and walked to the teacher, who was waiting outside. He enquired if I was fine. I told him I’m perfect.
Then, we moved to the lift to go down stairs. I was carefully watching the changing digital numbers after passing each floors.. 4…3…2…1… And all of a sudden there was an absolute black out ……… blankkkkkkkk. After a few seconds I was partly back into my senses. I was on the hospital bed and I could hear several people calling out my name .. I opened my eyes… I saw a few nurses gathered around me. Infact, I was alright within 2 minutes. I got to know from my teacher that I fell unconscious when the lift reached ground floor. I smiled…even he smiled. That was probably one of the best moments in my life. After passing the 2nd floor , I saw multiple things flying around with me and was in a different world. I have seen such scenes in movies but never experienced it .


Slowly, I got out of the bed and my teacher gave me few chocolates and a mango juice. Then, he moved to the other guy who donated blood along with me. Fortunately he was alright. My teacher asked the nurses, if they could check my blood pressure and heart beat rate. It showed normal and the nurses told him that I could leave now. We got out of the hospital and our teacher got us both into his car so that he could drop us at our places. First, I had planned to leave for my home from there since Aluva Railway Station was about a few kilometres away. But then I thought ” why should I take a risk …. why not tomorrow!!!”. So I asked him to drop me at the place where I stay in Kothamangalam. On the way, he parked his car near a fruit stall and bought few pomegrenates. He told us to have it since that would boost the RBC formation. He took us both to his flat and we had a cup of tea from there and even had a small chat with his cute son. He cut the fruit for us so that we could have it on the way. He then dropped me at my place. I shook hands with him and my friend or the other donor 😛 .


I entered my room and locked the door behind me….had my dinner and then back on to my bed…Had a small chat with one of my best friends. At night, I again received a call from my teacher. He enquired about my health. And then my parents phoned me. I told them everything. Infact I had informed them earlier that I will be reaching home late (but couldn’t make it finally). I felt like sleeping but couldn’t. I just moved out of my room and stood at the balcony watching the rain. I recollected the whole incident that happened in a single day. I had earlier told my roommate….my best friend…that it was a waste of time and money for me to reach Kothamangalam overnight. But now I knew I had a purpose for the same. It was a wonderful experience. Can’t express in words…… the love, care & affection that I enjoyed from the teacher who looked after me like his own son. Those moments will remain in my mind for ever. God always have a purpose for every deed of ours. “DONATE BLOOD….SAVE LIVES”- the famous words…I never thought this would have such a wonderful meaning in my life…. THAT SIMPLY MADE MY DAY 



Jitesh Sivakumar

S3MA(mechanical 2012-16)

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