Dress code notice

To be read in all classes:

No.                                                                                                                  16-08-2013.


  1. All students are hereby reminded that “Ragging” is a criminal offence which will invite legal proceedings including expulsion from the Institute.  All are directed to refrain themselves from such activities.
  2. All students should wear/exhibit their identity cards while they are in the campus.
  3. Dress Code:  It is reminded that Boys should wear Pants and shirt, and girls should wear Churidhar set or Pants & shirt.  Appearances of the students should be neat & decent.  Low waist trousers, Short tops, tight dresses, round neck and Literature T-shirts are not permitted.
  4. Any damage to properties, furniture, painting etc. will be recovered as fine.
  5.  All the students are requested to strictly adhere the prevailing court direction regarding the Ban of Politics in the campus to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.


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