The Dark Side of Diplomacy : The Story of Indian Soldiers

The Dark Side of Diplomacy : The Story of Indian Soldiers

By, Martha George (Electrical -2013-17)

Just a few days after Eid, when the nation’s busy celebrating, and the joy and laughter of the festivities are still fresh in their minds, there are a few mothers mourning over their lost son, a few women with broken hearts trying to cope with the reality that they have been widowed, a few kids jumping off their beds from nightmares to the even worse reality of being fatherless.

The real superheroes, the warriors who have protected their nation till their last breath and embraced death with elan and grace, those that befit the men of supreme order aren’t safe here!
A few days back, five more of them were killed at the Line of Control. Their killers, playing holi with their noble blood while the nation is on the verge of celebrating yet another independence day.
A patrol of the Indian Army comprising of one Non-commissioned officer and five other ranks was ambushed by a Pakistan Border Action Team close to the Line of Control in the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir. Five Indian soldiers were martyred. The ambush was carried out by approximately twenty heavily armed terrorists along with the soldiers of the Pakistan Army, reports the official statements.
Did they die because we were powerless to protect them from the attacks of our enemy? Could we have done something to prevent these incidents which are increasing at an alarming rate? The issue was raised in both houses of parliament demanding an urgent and assured response from the government.
There arises the question of anxiety in each and every Indian, why aren’t the protectors of our homeland safe even after the neighbors signed a ceasefire in 2003?
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The lives of these brave soldiers shouldn’t be a object for the rulers and non rulers to play with hoping to topple each other, instead, everyone should put their hands together to save those smiles on the faces of those brave warriors who are protecting our mother nation, rather than taking their lives for granted.
It is high time the powerful heads thought upon a supporting system that, in the near future, would enable our men to protect our country with the assurance of returning back safe. It is they who protect us, and it is our duty to protect them through sound foreign policies. Let us not forget that! Diplomacy shouldn’t come at the cost of the lives of our brave-hearts.
Indeed, we sleep peacefully at our homes because they are guarding the frontiers and because they persevere, far away from their home and loved ones to protect the very roofs above our heads.
Jai Hind!

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