A Fish Tale

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A Fish Tale

– by, Pranoy Anand Maxwell (Mechanical, 2010-14)

Into the shoal he was born
the little one grew loved and protected
discovering the sea & its wonders
he learnt its ways, with a vast mind and much perception
Mystified and dazed by what he saw
imagined long lovely endless dreams
But as the little one grew, he found things anew!
What he learnt he saw was but a fraction!
Knowledge he had was next to naught
His desire to know all was reduced to just hope
Dejected and demoralised he shuffled among the millions,
those who were taught and shepherded how to lead life

The little one, he tried moving along with them
he tried being one of the shoal
but he knew this was not his place
To have his destiny be written by another’s hand
that he could not allow! He would not allow!
But once in, leaving the shoal is hard
To walk out of the crowd, ones close to you have to be pushed aside
But their pushes had been to hard to take
The shoal in turn of guaranteeing life was choking it

The members of the shoal lived in fear, it bounded them to it
Existence outside of it, they thought, was sure to fail
Though there were stories of those who had succeeded,
they feared the path, they feared the costs.
Such a thought as the little one’s was synonymous in their minds with blasphemy!
There were those who tried and failed it is true
These stories to the shoal were of greater importance than to those who had won
The victors had always been seen as heroes
each of their conquests showing the shoal a new direction
Showing them how little they knew & how much was left to know

This was what the little one wanted, this was what he dreamed
to be fondly remembered, to be appreciated, to be idolised
But to be so he discovered, he had to leave the shoal,
his veil of protection had to be broken

To be prey to the predators of this world he was not afraid
but to just swim in circles in the vast ocean he was
To journey to places where none had travelled yet was not his fear
but to leave behind those that were close he was

These fears grew into indecisiveness and immersed in his thoughts
he stagnated and lost track of time
By the time he came to his senses, thanks in no small part to the other little ones born with him, he found himself drifting behind the shoal and yet still in the tide
The millions born with him were far ahead or not to be seen
The few he knew and loved, coaxed and pushed him knowing not what troubled him yet wondering what it was
The little one was troubled and sad, now he had niether what he had dreamt nor what his loved ones had
Having a meaningless existence, doomed to be a failure he was becoming everything he feared
Reflecting on what could have been, he let the shoal move onwards accepting his doom
Time passed as he allowed himself to be taken by the currents
Accepting his fears that he was to become one among the countless millions to be never remembered
Closing his eyes & accepting the darkness and gloom to come once again he lost track of time
The voices of his loved ones crowded his mind then, their anger and dissappoinment at his state
It saddened him even more, their shouts though did have an affect
It made him try & blindly swim towards the far off shoal
They wanted him to join it, it would help him survive.
During his hopeless strokes towards the shoal, he remembered the hopes & dreams that had brought him here
But he couldnt bring himself to blame them
How could he? For he had never chased them!
Stopping the attempts that he knew were futile
he came upon a realisation,it had taken him long enough!
He was out of the shoal! The current was what was taking him towards it
This realisation brought new hope!
Being so close to failure gave him a new burst of energy

The time had come he realised
The time had come for him to grow up
It was time to swim against and break out from the current
Time to explore the vast expanses of the sea
Time to swim to the shores & be one of those that had their names ingrained in the sands
Time to go past them stumble onto land, walk among the greats
And then take flight to the pantheon of the titans.
It was time for the little one to grow up & become The One.
The One among the millions

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