AMAC AGM & new OZMACE chapter inaugration





AMAC( Association of MACE ALUMNI CHAPTERS)  AGM  2013 was  HELD IN SYDNEY ON JULY 13th  and NEW CHAPTER  OZMACE (Sydney)  was inaugurated . THIS IS THE 7th MEMBER CHAPTER OF AMAC.

OZMACE had a delightful inaugral function on 13th July 2013 under the guidance of AMAC officials led  by AMAC Chairman, Mr. Mohan J Cheeran and our respected principal, Dr. George Issac. Four alumni families representing AMAC flew in from middle east and US to Sydney to set the ball rolling.

There were four invited guests from Sydney including the President of Sydney Malayalee Association. The meeting and dinner had a participation of 51 adults and 15 children.

The chapter officials and executive committee members of OzMACE Alumni Association, Australia are:

1. Xavi Joseph(1973)- President
2. Subeen Mathew (1988)- Vice President
3. George Abraham(1975)- Treasurer
4. George Jacob (1986)- Secretary
5. Paul Kochukudy (1994)-Executive committee member
6. Santhosh Kumar(1995)- Executive committee member

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