Anu rameshan (mech,2012-16)

Veer was lying in the hospital. Colourful bottles of red yellow liquid emptied into him. Several tubes intertwined with each other around him connected to several complicated machines which could scare any common man. Raghav and Nandini was scared. When they peered in through the glass window looking at the tired state of their son they were….

Veer the hero (read it as zero) of our story. Right now our hero is in coma state. He got hit by a speeding garbage truck after he was returning from his tuitions. Oooo not a hero material. But this has made our hero in this sorry state. Veer wanted to have his old life back. Those parties where he could meet Pinky-Dolly-Teena girls, or booze at a friend’s house after giving Nandini and Raghav a convincing ideal-son-sort of lecture on importance of combined studies, or the lazy afternoons where he would just get into a fast food joint and hog in colas and burgers. Veer’s lazy afternoons were occupied by something else too- porn movies. He had such an amazing collection of those. Really!!!

Today was his 32nd day at this hospital. By now he knew almost all the nurses names (good looking ones only…mind it) and their shift timings. His favourite was Shwetha because she wore the shortest skirt among all the nurses. Today as Shwetha came to his room and as she placed her well manicured fingers on his pulse she changed from cute to worried. Why?

Veer left the hospital room. Right now he is in a meeting with God. God was nothing like he expected. When he reached the heaven God was sipping his bed coffee. A young boy about his age good features ruffled golden hair unthinkable calmness and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Veer thought he was in the bedroom of the most uncoolest guy in his class. As soon as the fashion disaster saw Veer he mumbled in a sleepy tone “Hi Veer. I am God”. Before Veer could digest this joke came the next one “Veer you don’t mind me not brushing my teeth right. Because certain decisions regarding you should be take soon”. Veer thought “Oh God where have you put me??” Instantly came the reply “In my bedroom Veer”.

God began talking. “Veer for the past 32 days you have been unhappy. You have been in a very pathetic state. I know how much you are longing to get back to your old life. That’s why I have decided to call you here.” One thing he could not believe about himself was he was actually listening to every word that the fashion disaster was talking. Now he remembered Raghav’s words he said during one of their fights “Only God can make him listen.”

God exclaimed “Wow Veer that’s the first time you thought about father.” Veer also never realised that. He never thought it was necessary. God continued “Veer lately I am very worried about you. When I created you I had some ideas in mind about you. When I made you I decided that you will die after a stroke and not by lung cancer. I have written your life story in such a way that you will donate your lungs to a 30 year old IT professional Anuraag. Now you can’t just go on smoking. Then I have to rewrite Anuraag’s story too. Else I don mind fitting a small chimney on your head for the smoke to escape. If you think its uncool I will put in a NIKE symbol to it. How would you like a branded chimney??” Veer felt his stomach churn and could imagine a crow’s nest on his chimney head.

God continued. “Then Veer I am going to install purifiers to your body. I promised your kidneys to Sarang a musician. All you have to do is have some room in your trousers for my purifiers.”

Veer was about to faint. He always wanted to be having a fit and fine body. He picturised himself looking like a pregnant cow. Veer looked at God. God looked so innocent as if it was completely okay to have such a bottom. It was not okay for Veer.

God waited for Veer to go through all what he had to feel about the chimney head and cow bottom. Then he began to talk again. “Child you are born to good loving parents whose world is Veer. When was the last time you had a nice talk with your mom? I remember well. Whenever she comes to you asks your opinion on something or really talk to u your response is a few Neanderthal type grunts. And do you remember the last time you actually smiled. Veer your smile has been replaced by a permanent ugly scowl. Even at the hospital you did not feel for the tears of your mom. You did not notice how old your father looked compared to what he looked like 32 days ago.

Veer just realised the numbers of birthdays he did not wish his mom. The days his father used to wait at the veranda however late it is because Veer was late. He remembered how he tried to slip away when his mom tried to put the tikka after her daily poojas. He could visualise days when his father came home late from office all tired after slogging for hours in office just to get Veer his favourite ipod.

God said “Veer I will give you your whole life to think and be grateful to your parents. But I will allow you to pass through that door only if you agree to this.”

Well that was all Veer wanted. He wanted to be with his parents. The security and happiness he felt with them was even better than heaven. Or was that heaven and is this just God’s bedroom?

“So you agree with me. Thank you Veer. You have done a great help to me. Ok then its time for you to leave. But before that let me just fix the chimney and purifiers.” Saying so God pulled up his Mickey Mouse t-shirt sleeves and rubbed his palms.

“Oh my God…I am not drinking any more or smoking. Yea partly for Anuraag and Saarang but mainly for my parents. I want to live with them for a long time. I have already wasted so much time of mine detaching myself from them. But not anymore.

God gave the most beautiful smile Veer has seen. He said “Veer I am happy. I think you are ready for your second life. But Veer one thing we forgot to discuss was about you being a porn freak. So I have a fabulous offer regarding this. Why not a parental lock?”

Veer was embarrassed. He was now a new person that he felt a certain remorse to those stuffs which gives no respect to a woman. “That won’t be required anymore.” Veer replied confident that he overcame such an addiction. But one doubt lingered in his mind. Why had God called him here and gave him so much of his time. Wasn’t God supposed to be a busy person? Why couldn’t he just snap his fingers or wave a magic wand or send any of his fairies to change Veer?

Reading Veer’s mind God answered. “Veer I live trillions and trillions of lives a day-from a small ant to a killer whale. I live in each one. Humans the smarter ones of all my creations have gone in search of me to many places. But they always forgot to search inside them. I leave a living being in two conditions. Number one when they become physically unfit. Number two when they become mentally unfit. I was getting really disturbed inside you. Because the positives in you was getting lesser. And I am God not a magician. I din want to force anything on to you. You are free to choose want you like. Only thing if your way is more of negatives then I will not be with you. This is how the system works.”

Veer was convinced. He saw that after all God was not as bad as he thought.

God moved near him and placed his hand over Veer’s heart. Veer felt like he was going through many feelings-a package of ten thousand feelings. He felt himself getting weight less. He could only see God as a blur now. Suddenly he remembers something

“God, what about Pinky-Dolly-Teena? And my other friends?? What about them?? Don’t you think you should meet them too?? Or should i be conveying your message??????”
But by now he was back in the hospital room.Were the last 5 minutes a reality or mere wanderings of his healing mind.Suddenly his mobile beeped. It showed “1 new message”.It read “*121*GOD#”.Veer got his answer.

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